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  • 100% USA Beef

  • Helps Alleviate Pain and Arthritis While Improving Mobility

  • Strengthen Your Dogs Skin and Shiny Coat

  • Lubricate and Protect Connective Tissues That Support Hips and Joints

  • Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums (Keeping you away from those nasty vet bills)

  • Boredom Buster - Keeping your dog entertained and out of trouble

Pet Expertise™ Collagen Chew
  • Relieve Joint Pain and Arthritis

    Say goodbye to aching and pain

  • Improve Mobility

    Get your dog feeling like a spry young pup, ready to run and play to the heart's content!

  • Instant Boredom Buster

    Perfect for similar sensations of chewing on wood and furniture

  • Strengthens and Moisturizes Skin

    Effortlessly keep their skin healthy and moisturized

  • No Stink!

    Unlike other natural chews that stink up the whole house, PET EXPERTISE™ Collagen Chews are 100% odor free.

  • Stain Free

    Never worry about your dog leaving their chew where they shouldn't and staining your carpets or furniture

  • Long Lasting!

    Pet ExpertiseTM Collagen Sticks last much longer than the leading natural chew.

  • All Natural - No chemicals

    Packed with Calcium, Phosphorus and Water to keep your dog's bones, teeth, muscles, nervous system and heart strong 💪

5 Stars

My dog loved them

By Melanie V

My dog loved these treats, I got some from a different company and she doesn't even chew them for long. These treats she chews them until they're gone

5 Stars


By Tim and Gina

We have a dog who chew through anything and I was surprised how long it lasted. Quite a few come in a pack but the price was a few dollars more than what I normally buy. I guess for the extra time it took my dog to chew it up, it was worth it!

5 Stars

Favorite treats

By Getrude M.

My dog loves these treats. It is definitely one of his favorites and we always have them on hand.

5 Stars

No smell!!!

By Bryan

I love that these collagen sticks have no smell like bully sticks do.. I can't stand the rancid smell that comes from bully sticks so I was looking for another option for my two dogs. They aren't big chewers but they enjoyed these and it lasted them a while


“My dog Corgi is a moderate to heavy chewer and this collagen stick will usually take him like a couple of days to finish a 12 inch if he really works at it. He can chew on it for hours so I think it’s safe to assume he loves it. Thank you for the amazing products with such affordable price point!”

- Linda Begley


Pet Expertise™ Collagen Chew


Pet Expertise™ Collagen Chew


What are Pet Expertise Collagen Chews?

Pet Expertise Collagen Chews are the best, most durable All Natural dog chews.

Here are some of the benefits:
* Relieve Joint Pain

* Improve Mobility

* Strengthen and Moisturize Skin

* No more stinky treats

* Helps clean your dogs teeth and keep them healthy

Are Collagen Chews Effective?

Pet Expertise Chews are a great way to keep your dog stimulated, entertained, out of trouble and healthy.

How Long Do Pet Expertise Collagen Chews Last?

Pet Expertise Collagen Chews are extremely durable. They last much longer than most natural chews. In fact, generally 25-50% longer than Bully Sticks!

How Do I Get My Dog Used To It?

Most dogs take to the Pet Expertise Collagen Chews right away as it’s a very familiar sensation for them. They’ll love it

What if I’m not satisfied?

365 Day Guarantee - We are so confident that you and your pup will absolutely LOVE our Collagen Chews that we've removed 100% of the risk. Give them a try and you don't absolutely love them, we'll refund every penny. All you have to do is send us any unused chews or your empty bag and we'll refund every cent. That's how confident we are. Order yours now!

However, based on the countless responses we receive from thrilled customers... we doubt you'll ever want to.

What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credit cards

How do I track my order?

Upon shipping you’ll receive a confirmation email that will contain your tracking information. Please allow 4-15 days to receive your order

What is the shipping cost?

We offer free USA Shipping with tracking. There is NO shipping cost & NO sales tax. We are shipping 24/7 from our warehouse to keep up with the demand.

Please allow 4-13 business days for USA shipping with USPS

How Fast will I receive my order?

We ship FAST throughout the US. You will receive your order in 4-14 days

64,274 (and counting) HAPPY DOG OWNERS 🥳

5 stars

It saved us the furniture

By Edward D. Gonzalez

After a month of use, the Collagen is still hanging great for strong chewers, our dog loves it. Also, it saved our furniture from further destruction

5 stars

Great buy

By Cassie

Going on two months and my adult labradoodle and puppy still love it! It has held up well and never gotten gross or smelly.

5 stars

Puppy loves it

By Bruno's mom

My daughter's new puppy is teething and the Collagen keep her busy for hours

5 stars


By J. Betten

I have a puppy who destroys almost everything, this stood up to his best efforts and it's one of his favorite things. Worth the extra money

5 stars

Good for teeth

By Angeline G.

Arrived super fast my pup is obsessed with it. Was exactly what I expected.

5 stars

Durable, good for destructive puppies

By Samantha

Our husky mix puppy destroys most things, but this Collagen has lasted him a while and he still goes to our for checking. It's very durable.

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