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How To Train A Dog To "Wait" Before Going Out The Door


I wanted to talk to you today about teaching your dog not to exit a doorway without your permission.

So an automatic wait at the door, which is a really important safety behavior.

I teach almost all my clients this, and I make, make sure we teach it at important doorways that might lead to a street and the car door as well.

And so we have two kinds of motivators.

We have going out of the door is a reward. And I have some food because I won't be letting her out of the door every time she's good.

I'm going to use a clicker as my reward marker. You can also use the word yes. So I'm going to mark the moment she looks away from the door and then I'm going to feed away from the door. Okay. So I want to approach the door like I would normally.

I don't want to stand kind of OD, and I'm not going to say anything to the dog. This is Tina, by the way.

So I approach the door, I go to open it, and you can use a leash for this. If you're afraid your dog will get his nose closed in here or be too quick for you, have somebody else holding a leash or the leash tied.

I'm going to open the door crack. I'm going to wait for Tina to look away from the door, which he just did. Good. Feeding away, like a little more distance from the door.

So if she goes for it, I close it again. Very nice. Think she's getting it good. Whoops. Good girl.

Sometimes I wait for a little more for her to wait a little longer than just to look away. Very good.

So when I'm ready for the dog to go through the door, then I give my release word. And you want to have everybody in the family using this procedure that you're either having her do the automatic wait or you're just going to say free and open the door. So let me actually show you.

She's got a ball up there, so I don't think she's coming back. Yeah, you got your ball.

So what I was going to say is, so you can use the free, like, let's say now your dog can wait till the door is all the way open. Then you'd say free as your reward.

And that after you've trained this, and it doesn't take very long after you've trained this, that can just be your procedure where you're either in a hurry, you just say free, or you do your practice of. I'm going to wait. Oh, she went for it. You close it. She way to go thing free.

I think that's about it. I hope this is helpful. And have fun training your dog. Bye.