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    Dogs bark for many reasons, and it often helps to try to find out why your dog is barking so that you can train him better.

    Is your dog barking because he wants attention? Ignore your dog until he stops barking. You can even walk away or give him a Time Out.

    Does your dog hear or see something that causes his barking? Block his view or turn on a fan when inside. Teach "Quiet".

    Is your dog afraid? Check out the products for treating anxiety and teach him that it's okay.

    Is your dog barking to defend his territory? Teach him that visitors are good, and train him to do something else like going to lie on his bed.

    Is your dog bored? Teach "Quiet", and keep him busy with chew toys, exercise and training.

    The products below were selected by our professional trainer to help you to teach your dog to stop barking through positive training.

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