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Dog Collars

Dog-tested Collars for Sale

All of our dog collars for sale have undergone thorough testing by our celebrated dog trainer, Jess Rollins. So you’re sure to find only the highest quality collars that you and your dog will both love. We’ve got collars for training, safety, and everyday wear for both puppies and older dogs. Check out our leash and collar sets, which are so convenient to grab and go!

The Perfect Collar for Your Dog

We’ve got a variety of dog collars for sale, perfect for every kind of dog and situation. Head Collars like the Gentle Leader is great for training dogs to stop pulling on the leash. They go around your dog's nose and are ideal for controlling dogs that are strong pullers or are aggressive. We’ve also got a range of safety collars that includes limited-slip collars, dog collars with attached LED lights for night walks, and a quick draw collar-leash set. Find the one that suits your unique needs (and looks great on your pup), and enjoy high-quality designs that will last for years.

Tested and Highly Recommended by Experts

As a small business, we make sure to listen to our customers and consult experts when designing our products. Unlike other dog collars for sale on the market, our’s have undergone exhaustive testing from dog owners, professional dog trainers, and vets. We also take utmost care to use only the highest quality material when creating our dog collars- ensuring they are safe, long-lasting, and adjustable to fit your growing dog. Buy our dog collars with the comfort of knowing that your best friend will always be secure and well protected. Browse our dog harnesses for even more options, and get free shipping on orders $49+!