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    Dog Dental Care

    As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your pup has a healthy mouth. Dental care is essential because it prevents bad breath, tooth loss, and gum disease. Additionally, many pet parents don’t realize that bacteria from plaque can spread to the liver, heart, and kidneys, possibly causing organ damage. Brushing your dog’s teeth is not always an easy task. So here at Pet Expertise, we offer alternative ways to ensure your pup’s teeth stay healthy and strong!

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    Vet-Approved Dog Dental Care Products

    We offer dog teeth cleaning products that help your pup’s pearly whites stay healthy throughout its life. 

    The rugged nylon and sturdy rubber exterior of the AnimaSwizzlers Bully Stick Puzzle Toy not only clean your pup’s set of chompers but also stimulate its mind. Due to chewing, small bristle-like projections begin to form on the nylon’s surface, which assists in scraping off excess plaque and tartar. Additionally, this toy holds tasty bully sticks that are sure to entice your dog to chew on it for longer. And the longer your dog chews, the cleaner its teeth will become!

    Another great dog dental care option is our all-natural SeaDent Kelp & Enzyme Dental Supplement. Simply add the powder to your dog’s food or use it on a doggy toothbrush once daily. Surprisingly, kelp is a plague fighter that helps destroy harmful bacteria in your pup’s mouth. As an added bonus, this product’s enzymes aid in digestion! 

    Why Choose Pet Expertise

    Pet Expertise was founded by a dog trainer dedicated to supplying pets, their parents, vets, and other trainers with the highest quality positive dog training products. Every product – from items that support dental care to products that promote house training – has been tested and approved by professional dog trainers. 

    By shopping with us, you can be sure your pup is getting the best and safest products. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about our dog dental care solutions.