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Exercise, Travel & Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Dog Gear

Whether taking your dog on a short afternoon drive or going on a camping getaway, having proper dog travel gear will help your pooch get through the expedition with ease. Traveling can be made easy and safe if you can keep your pup secured in its seat with a seatbelt harness. 

Small and medium-sized dogs can be strapped into a car safety seat, which will provide comfort under normal circumstances and protect your dog if you’re in a car crash. Some dogs do better in carriers, so you should base your pup’s travel supplies on your pooch’s personal taste. From car equipment to outdoor dog gear, we’ve got all your pup’s needs covered here at Pet Expertise.

Durable Dog Travel Gear

Whether your pup needs a Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Vest for those hot summer days, a K-9 Float Coat Dog Life Jacket for safe swimming, or a travel dog bowl, Pet Expertise can help! We not only have these pup-approved and high-quality supplies available for your pooch but are also proud to announce that every product offered to our customers is tested and approved by certified dog trainers.

Your pet’s safety is our biggest concern. Traveling and spending time outdoors have their dangers, so we’ve made certain that our dog travel gear is made from the highest quality materials. We believe that it’s our responsibility to test and improve upon each of these outdoor dog gear products to ensure our customers get nothing but the best.

Why Choose Pet Expertise

Here at Pet Expertise, your pet’s needs come first. We started our journey nearly 20 years ago, intending to offer our customers the best positive dog training products. We have met this goal, as many of our products are exclusive to Pet Expertise. 

As we learn more about safe products that work, we continue to provide vets, trainers, and pet parents with the newest and highest quality items. If you want to learn more about our selection of outdoor dog gear, reach out to us.