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9 Things Every Dog Owner Must Know for Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is a time for relaxation, outdoor activities, and quality time with loved ones, including our four legged furry companions. As you plan your holiday festivities, make sure to consider your dog's health and safety to make sure they have as memorable and enjoyable of a time. 

Here are some valuable tips that every dog owner must know to make the most of Memorial Day weekend with your canine friend:

Hydration is Key:

1. Just like humans, dogs need water and the warmer weather during Memorial Day weekend calls for extra attention to your dog's hydration. Make sure to provide them with fresh water throughout the day, especially if you're spending time outdoors. Don’t be fooled if they don’t seem thirsty. Always have water ready and available for them. Bring a portable water bowl and offer frequent breaks for your dog to drink and cool down.

Avoid Harmful Foods:

2. Barbecues and picnics are synonymous with Memorial Day celebrations, but did you know many of these foods can be harmful to your pup? Common picnic staples like chocolate, onions, grapes, avocados, and alcoholic beverages can be toxic to dogs and a nightmare to dog owners. As much as we and our friends love our pups, keep an eye out for well-meaning guests who might be tempted to share their plate with your furry friend and politely remind them of the importance of sticking to dog-friendly treats.

Secure Your Space:

3. If you're hosting a gathering at home or visiting friends, ensure that the environment is safe and secure for your dog. The last thing you want is your dog getting loose or causing problems for others. Confirm that fences are intact, gates are closed, and potentially hazardous items like fireworks, lighter fluid, or toxic plants are out of reach. Make sure your dog has a designated space where they can retreat to if they become overwhelmed or anxious with the crowd.

Provide Exercise and Mental Stimulation:

4. Engaging your dog in physical and mental activities is essential to their overall well-being. And Memorial Day weekend is no different! Be sure not to neglect your four legged family member and plan walks, hikes, or trips to the dog park to provide them with ample exercise. Mental stimulation, such as collagen chews, antler chews, or bully sticks, can help keep your dog entertained and prevent boredom during the holiday weekend.

Identification and Microchipping:

5. We’re big fans of getting your pup microchipped and Memorial Day weekend is a huge reason why. With increased outdoor activities and potential distractions, it's crucial to ensure your dog has proper identification if they happen to wander off. Make sure their collar is securely fitted with an up-to-date ID tag, including your current contact information. Microchipping is an added layer of protection and something we highly recommend. The last thing you want is for your dog to go missing but even worse, not be able to find them if they lose their collar. 

Consider Noise Sensitivity:

6. As much as us humans love fireworks, for many of our canine friends, it’s pure torture. Memorial Day weekend often involves fireworks or loud celebrations. If your dog is sensitive to loud noises, it's important to take precautions and make sure they feel safe. Create a quiet and comfortable space indoors where they can retreat, with treats and toys. You may even want to consider using white noise or calming music to drown out external sounds. If your pup is very sensitive, you may want to try our ear muffs to keep them protected. Consult with your veterinarian about potential anxiety-reducing strategies, such as pheromone sprays, anxiety chews or anxiety wraps.

Travel Safely:

7. If you plan to travel with your dog during Memorial Day weekend, prioritize their safety and comfort. We know we all should be wearing a seat belt but did you know your pup should have one too? We have plenty of seat belt harnesses and durable travel crates to ensure they remain secure while in transit. Pack essential items like food, water, medication, and familiar bedding to help your dog feel more at ease in an unfamiliar environment.

Memorial weekend should be a great and fun day for everyone in your family, including your furry companion. By taking a few precautions and following these tips, you can ensure that your beloved canine companion has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Remember, you want them to have just as much fun as you will and their well-being should be a top priority as you celebrate the holiday together.