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Discover 5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm and Happy on Independence Day

Keep Your Dog Calm

Are you ready for an amazing Independence Day? 

Getting the BBQ ready for friends and fun?

Well get ready because we've got you covered on keeping your furry friend stress-free! 

While fireworks and festivities can get humans pumped, our canine pals often find them downright frightening. 

But fear not, we've put together five fantastic tips to prep and protect your pup for the big day. 

Let's dive in!

1. Indoors is the Place to Be:

When those firework booms start echoing, it's best to keep your pup indoors. Swap outdoor walks for indoor activities like training games or food puzzles. The noise won't be as bone-rattling if it's at a distance. And if you do venture outside, make sure your four-legged buddy is securely leashed or harnessed, so there are no Houdini acts!

2. Bring on the Calm Vibes: 

Ever heard of dog appeasing pheromone? It's like a magical scent that chills pups out. You can find it in sprays, collars, or diffusers, like Adaptil. Pop over to your vet, pet supply store, or get it online to help ease your dog's anxiety during fireworks and other stressful situations.

3. Tune into Soothing Sounds: 

Time to create a doggy playlist! Blast classical music or specially curated pet tunes to drown out the noise. If that's not enough, a white noise machine can be a real game-changer, especially during those music lulls. Oh, and don't forget compression garments and the scent of lavender and chamomile—some dogs dig 'em!

4. Treats, Toys, and Tail Wags: 

When the fireworks show starts, it's snack time! Have a stash of delicious treats, yummy chews, and your dog's favorite toys ready to distract them. Don't wait for fear to take hold—start the fun early and shift their focus. Our own pup, Quixote, loves a good howling session with the whole family. Find what works for your furry pal—be it a game of chase, fetch, or a soothing massage. Let them feel safe and secure in their own cozy hideaway like a covered crate or a quiet nook.

5. When in Doubt, Seek Help: 

If your pooch is struggling big-time with noise anxiety, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance. A Fear Free Certified Professional or a reward-based trainer can work wonders. They might suggest medications or supplements alongside training to help your fearful furry friend find their inner zen.

Remember, stay chill yourself! 

Dogs have a sixth sense for picking up our vibes, so keep calm and relaxed. Deep breaths, my friend! Your own relaxation techniques will help your pup find their peace.

Wishing you and your tail-wagging buddy a howlingly happy Fourth of July!