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How Long Should You Let Your Dog Chew an Antler?

Antlers for dogs

As a dog owner, you want to ensure that your furry friend has the best possible life. That means giving them plenty of exercise, proper nutrition, and... deer antlers?

You may have heard that deer antlers are a great chew toy for dogs – they help keep their teeth clean and provide them with essential nutrients. But will your dog like gnawing on them? And if so, how long should you let your dog chew an antler?

Let's find out.

How Long Should You Let Your Dog Chew an Antler?

While large dogs can safely chew on deer antlers for hours every day, it's best to limit their time to half an hour.


Antlers naturally contain sodium, which can cause health issues for your dog if consumed in large quantities. Chewing these treats for 30 minutes a day is enough for your furry friend to make the most of their nutritional benefits.

How Long Should a Puppy Chew on an Antler?

For puppies younger than six months, deer antlers can be too hard to chew. Besides, such small dogs may get an upset stomach and diarrhea because of the rich protein content of these bones.

However, if your pup has crossed the six-month mark and loves to chew, antlers can make for a fabulous treat. One thing to remember is that puppies have baby teeth that can fracture or break if hit against anything too hard. Hence, it's best to limit their chewing time to no more than 15 minutes per day.

Supervising your furry baby while he chews antlers is crucial to ensure they don't choke on any pieces.

Why Do Dogs Like to Chew on Antlers?

Dog chewing deer antler

Dogs have been chewing on deer antlers for centuries. But what is it about these antlers that make them so appealing to dogs?

Some people say it's the texture of the antlers that dogs love, while others believe that the nutrients in them make them irresistible.

The truth is that the reason may vary from one canine to another, depending on their age and personality.

For teething puppies, deer antlers also help relieve the discomfort that comes with their new teeth.

On the other hand, most adult dogs love the taste of antlers since they are a great source of minerals and nutrients. These chews also keep their teeth clean and sharp.

Chewing is generally an excellent way for dogs to clean their teeth and gums. The friction from the bone helps remove plaque and tartar from teeth to prevent costly vet visits down the road. Chewing on deer antlers also helps exercise their jaws to avoid gum disease.

Many dogs also like to gnaw on antlers to reach the soft bone marrow packed with fat and protein. Some may see antlers as dog toys and love carrying and playing fetch with them. For them, these chews are a way to relieve boredom or stress.

Can Dogs Chew on Antlers Too Much?

Of course.

If you let your dog chew on antlers for consecutive hours every day, or worse, the entire day, you'll invite a lot of trouble.

Although most dogs grind the chew slowly, there's always the risk of choking due to splintered edges. Your dog may also get aggressive while chewing on an antler and trying to break it into pieces. These pieces may get stuck in their throat, stomach, or intestine and cause serious health issues if swallowed.

Additionally, the hard surface of deer antlers may pose dental risks in dogs with sensitive gum or teeth.

Therefore, it's crucial to give an antler chew to your furry baby in your presence. You should stick with the recommended time frames depending on his age to ensure convenience for you and safety for your dog.

Do Antlers Break Dogs Teeth?

Like any hard dog chew, antlers can cause dental fractures and other oral health issues if chewed on aggressively or for hours at a time. Broken teeth cause a lot of pain and can lead to infections and abscesses.

Dogs with sensitive teeth are particularly at risk of breaking their teeth on deer antlers.

This is why if your pup likes to play with deer antlers, keep an eye on their chewing habits and remove the antlers if they seem like they're hurting their teeth.

More importantly, you must choose natural and safe antler chews in the right size for your canine friend to minimize health risks. The antlers should be big enough to prevent the pup from swallowing them. Moreover, they shouldn't have sharp edges or splinters that can injure your dog's mouth if ingested.

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