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Do Dog Seatbelt Harnesses Keep Your Dog Safe in a Car?

Seatbelt harnesses


How cute do dogs look riding in a car?

Car rides with furry friends are so much fun too!

Dogs are great companions that make the journey more enjoyable and help break up the monotony of a long drive. They also provide comfort and emotional support while helping to keep you alert and focused while driving.

Additionally, if you're ever feeling unsafe in your car while cruising late at night, having your dog with you can help put your mind at ease.

While there's a huge list of pros of taking your dog along in a car, the safety risk is real.  

Your pup may lose balance and propel forward if you hit the brakes sharply. In some cases, dogs can distract the driver and become a safety hazard if not properly restrained – you wouldn't want your pup to get in your face and continuously lick it while driving now, would you?    

No matter how tempted you are to let your furry baby roam free in the backseat or sit unrestrained in the front passenger seat, it's not safe for them (or you).

Even if your pup is well-behaved during car rides, taking precautionary measures to ensure their safety and yours doesn't hurt.

This is where dog seatbelt harnesses come in. They help keep your dog safe while allowing you to enjoy quality time together during car rides.

Should Dogs be Harnessed in a Car?

Seatbelt harnesses serve as a pet safety restraint system to keep your dog from being a distraction while you drive and protect them in case of an accident.

Although they don't give dogs the same freedom of movement as when they're unrestrained, they're safer.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • They prevent the dog from distracting the driver.
  •  They keep the dog in their place in case the car comes to a sudden stop, or an accident happens.
  •  They provide a sense of security to dogs and help alleviate nausea caused by car sickness.   

Another benefit of using a seatbelt harness is that it will keep your dog from jumping out of the car window when you stop at a light or take them for a ride in the open air. If you've ever had a dog jump out of a car window, you know how dangerous it can be. A seat belt harness will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is safely secured while you're driving.

So, yes, dogs should wear harnesses in cars - for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Do Dog Harnesses Keep Your Pet Safe in a Car Crash?

Yes. Absolutely.  

The benefits of dog seatbelt harnesses go beyond keeping them in their seat.

Here's how the harness will ensure your dog's safety in a car crash:

  • By keeping your dog restrained, a harness will help prevent them from being ejected from the car in the event of a collision.
  • A harness will also help distribute the force of an impact more evenly over your dog's body, protecting their vital organs and preventing injuries.
  • In the event of a collision, a harness can also help prevent your dog from running away from the scene.
  • A restrained dog is also easier to handle for rescue workers after an accident.

How Do You Secure a Dog in a Car with a Harness?

There are a few different types of harnesses on the market, but the seatbelt harness is the best for car rides.

It attaches to your dog's regular collar and then clicks into the seat belt slot, just like a human seat belt. That way, your dog will be securely restrained if you have to brake suddenly or get into an accident.

Follow the steps below to secure your dog in the car with a harness.

  1.  Slide the seatbelt of the car through the dog seatbelt loop.
  2.  Buckle your furry friend in.
  3.  Settle them on the car seat and attach the silver clasp to the harness. ​
  4.  Adjust the seat​ ​belt to ensure it's secure and comfy for your dog.  

That said, the quality, material, and thickness of the seatbelt harness you choose will depend on your dog's size, weight, and temperament. Generally, small dogs do well with a harness that attaches to the seatbelt, but bigger dogs may need a crate or barrier to keep them from roaming around the car.

Whatever type of restraint you choose, make sure it's properly secured and comfortable for your dog.

If your dog is uncomfortable, they may try to wiggle out of their seatbelt harness. It shouldn't be too tight, and your dog must have enough room to move around.

The best way to go about this is by measuring your dog before purchasing a harness to ensure a good fit. Additionally, the harness should be made from durable materials that will withstand wear and tear. Padded straps will be a cherry on top because a safe and comfortable dog is a happy dog!

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