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Best Large Dog Harnesses and Leashes

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Taking your dog out for a walk can be a challenging experience. This is especially true when you have a large dog. If you have a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd, you know what we’re talking about! As cute and loving as these big dogs are, they are also super strong. Therefore, walking these dogs can be a hassle without the proper leash and harness. How can you find the best harness for large dogs? In this post, we’ll give you tips to help you find the right leash and harness for your dog. So keep reading.

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Best Types of Leashes for Large Dogs

Leashes are essential for all dog owners. They help you control your pup and keep it safe. Plus, not all people are warmed up to furry beasts like you are. Many are afraid of bigger dogs, so a leash can help you keep your dog from running after other people.

There are several types of suitable leashes you can use with our best large dog harnesses. Here are some you will find useful:

Standard Leashes

A standard leash is a perfect choice if you are leash training a puppy or a dog. These leashes are typically made of nylon, rope, or leather, and have a metal clip at one end that you can attach to your dog's collar. The best leashes for large dogs are rope and leather ones because they are very durable. Standard leashes with chains are also a good option, but they are heavier. These leashes are available in different sizes. The wider ones with thicker widths are perfect for larger dogs.

Retractable Leashess

These leashes contain a nylon cord that retracts into a plastic handle. They can become longer as your dog pulls away, and you can lock them in at any length you want. Retractable leashes are best for dogs that have been trained on a regular leash as they give them a bit more freedom. Some owners are hesitant about using retractable leashes for big dogs. But there’s no need to worry. Use a good-quality leash that has a proper weight limit and clip size with our best large dog harnesses to keep your pup within reach.

Adjustable Leashes

These types of leashes are similar to standard ones. They are made of nylon and have several loops that let you adjust the length as you please. High-quality adjustable leashes with the correct lengths are great for larger dogs. If you want to run or hike with your big dog, you can wrap the leash around your waist. Note that you should only do this if your dog is well-trained.

Bungee Leashes

Among the best leashes for large dogs are bungee leashes. These are similar to standard leashes but have an elastic middle part. They are another great option you can use with our best large dog harnesses to give your pet more freedom as you run. It is best to use bungee leashes with well-trained dogs. The material of these leashes can keep your pet’s neck and legs safe from pulls and jerks, making them a perfect option for larger dogs.

Best Types of Harnesses for Large Dogs

Dog harnesses are effective training tools that wrap around a dog's torso and attach to a leash. They are a great alternative to collars as they provide more comfort and put less pressure on your dog’s neck. They are helpful with bigger dogs and come in diverse styles you can use with different leashes. Below are some of the best harnesses for large dog breeds:

Back-clip Harnesses

These are the most common harnesses that slide up your dogs' legs and clip on their back. They have a D-ring you can attach to a variety of the best leashes for large dogs. Back-clip harnesses with a step-in style are ideal for dogs of all sizes, and large dogs can easily adjust to them.

Dual-clip Harnesses

These are the best and most popular harnesses for large dogs with attachments for a leash on the front and back. They give you greater control over your pet and prevent injuries by distributing the pressure evenly throughout your dog's body. However, it might take your dog a little while to get used to them.

Head Halter Harnesses

A head halter is different from the other best harnesses for large dogs. It straps around your dog's neck and snout with a clip under the chin. No, it is not a muzzle! It gives your dog the freedom to open its mouth and carry its favorite toy, but it provides a gentle reminder to keep its attention forward when it begins to pull or lunge. Head halters are perfect for large and strong dogs, but you should never use them with retractable leashes.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Leashes and Harnesses for Large Dogs


  • Your Dogs' Size

Heavier leashes give you better control over large dogs. However, keep your own strength in mind when selecting a heavy leash and harness.


  • Safety and Quality

The material of the leash and harness must be of high quality to ensure their durability. The clips must also be strong and fastened securely to withstand regular use and keep your dog safe.


  • Length and Width

The best large dog harnesses and leashes have a wider width. You can choose the length based on the amount of freedom you want to give your dog.

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