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Bike Tow Leash - Additional Information

Does setting up the Bike Tow Leash require tools?

Setting up the Bike Tow Leash on your bicycle requires NO TOOLS! Set up the Bike Tow Leash in just minutes.

What makes the Bike Tow Leash safer than other dog bicycle attachments?

The Bike Tow Leash design takes into account both the laws of Physics and dog behavior. Simply put, with a regular leash and other products, when the dog pulls sideways, you can be pulled or tipped over. With the Bike Tow Leash the dog's ability to pull to the side is reduced and the tipping forces are virtually eliminated.

Does the Bike Tow Leash only attach to the left side of the bike?

The purpose of the Bike Tow Leash is to ride safely with your dog. A dog on the right hand side of the bike is exposed to the chain and front sprocket on the right side of all bicycles. Keeping the dog on the left side of the bicycle, distances the dog from these hazards. Additionally, Dogs are taught to heel on the left and so look for directions to their right. We have found dogs do not react as well on the right side of the bicycle. It may fit some bicycles on the right but for all these reasons, you and your dog's enjoyment and safety, having a dog on the right is not recommended.

How do I choose where to attach the Bike Tow Leash?

The inner clamp needs to clamp flat rear wheel mount or clamp across two rounded frame members close to the rear axle as possible.

Where do I apply the alcohol to adjust mast height?

Pour or Spray a small amount of 70% rubbing alcohol completely around where the coupling meets the outer clamp. Let it soak in for a couple minutes, twist hard to break it free. Once dry, it will stick back in the new position.

How do I know when I have mounted the Bike Tow Leash properly?

When you can hold the bike vertical at the seat using a single finger, pull the Bike Tow Leash to the side and the bike doesn't tip.


How do I determine if the Bike Tow Leash is tightened enough?

Typically, tighten the knobs as much as you can by hand. Test tightness by rotating the mast back behind the bike. If the clamp remains stationary


Where can I ride my bike with my dog using the Bike Tow Leash?

Start in a familiar area and your dog will spend less time trying to stop and sniff. The Bike Tow Leash is for off road use. You should limit the amount of pavement your dog runs on and drivers pay too little attention to both bicycles and dogs. Sidewalks, rail trails, dirt roads, bike trails, beaches and parks are great fun and you are obeying leash laws!

Are there things I should avoid when using the Bike Tow Leash?

Hot pavement, slippery surfaces, grates, glass, sandspurs, erratic turns and traffic.

Is it possible for the dog, when startled, to move inward toward the bike?

Yes, the mast is a resilient barrier that gently nudges the dog away from you. When the dog is startled in too close, you have these options:

  • It is best to keep moving. If there is room, steer and pedal away from her and the threat.
  • Stop pedaling and nudge the dog away with the side of your foot. Resume pedaling away from the threat and tell her to "settle, leave it, let's go or watch me," which ever she responds best to.
  • If you know where she may become spooked, try and ride in the direction that places the bike between her and the threat. She will then pull away from you.
  • Of course if you do stop and she manages to get her head behind the front wheel, have her back out before proceeding. Riding will make your dog more accustomed to the other dogs barking, etc.

I am going out to buy a bike to use with my Bike Tow Leash, what type of bicycle is best?

The BTL is recommended with mountain and beach bicycles with fat knobby rear tire. This type bicycle, along with your dog, can readily negotiate trails, side walks and curbs. The wide wheels of these bicycles hold up to well to 1000's of safe miles of this type of riding. BTL mount directly on tadpole type recumbent tricycles and electric mobility scooters.

What type of bike brakes are best for using with the Bike Tow Leash?

Regular, well functioning caliper, hand brakes are best for controlling bike and dog's speed regardless of pedal or foot positions. Rear disc brakes can be a tight fit for mounting the BTL. An extra step of pushing the upper bolt out of the inner clamp and threading it thru an opening in the disc and or the bike frame may be required for installation.

What about rear disc brakes?

Disc brakes can offer challenges to available mounting space, but there are several ways to orient the clamp for secure mounting. The inner clamp needs to slip between the frame and the disc without rubbing. The inner clamp can be oriented with the long end up or down to accomplish clamping. The flexible coupling can be rotated on the outer clamp bracket to adjust for dogs shoulder height especially if the outer clamp requires mounting horizontal.

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