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10 Long-Lasting Dog Chews That Will Keep Your Pup Busy for Hours

Long lasting dog chews are a fantastic way to keep your dog busy while offering substantial benefits both mentally and physically. These chews not only satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew but also help in maintaining their dental health, alleviating boredom, and reducing anxiety-related behaviors.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 best long-lasting dog chews available in the market to keep your dog entertained for hours. From promoting dental health to providing mental stimulation and nutritional benefits, these chews are designed with your pup’s well-being in mind.

Choosing high-quality chews is crucial for your dog's safety. For a curated selection of the best bones for dogs, visit Pet Expertise, where you can find a wide range of safe and effective products for your furry friend.

Consider integrating structured environments like crates or gates to prevent inappropriate chewing behavior. These Crates, Gates, and Pens for Prevention from Pet Expertise are specifically designed to keep your dog from learning bad habits like stealing food from counters or engaging in other destructive behaviors.

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Let's find the perfect chew for your pup!

Benefits of Long-Lasting Chews
Promoting Dental Health

Long-lasting dog chews are excellent for promoting dental health. The natural chewing action helps prevent plaque buildup and supports healthy gums. According to a study published by the American Veterinary Dental Society, approximately 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by age three. Chewing on durable chews can significantly reduce these risks.

  • Reduces plaque and tartar: Regular chewing scrapes away plaque before it hardens into tartar.
  • Strengthens gums: Continuous chewing massages the gums, supporting overall oral health.
  • Freshens breath: Many long-lasting chews have ingredients that help freshen your dog's breath.

Mental Stimulation and Boredom Relief

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs and offers substantial mental stimulation. Long-lasting dog chews can keep your pup engaged for hours, which helps alleviate boredom and reduce anxiety-related behaviors.

  • Mental engagement: Engaging with a chew toy provides mental exercise, which is especially important for high-energy breeds.
  • Anxiety reduction: Dogs suffering from separation anxiety or stress can find relief through the repetitive action of chewing.
  • Behavioral benefits: Consistent chewing can help diminish destructive behaviors such as gnawing on furniture or shoes.

Nutritional Value

High-quality long-lasting dog chews are not only entertaining but also nutritious. Many natural chews for dogs are rich in protein and essential nutrients, contributing to a balanced diet.

  • Protein content: Natural chews like bully sticks or dried tendons are high in protein, which is crucial for muscle development and energy.
  • Essential nutrients: Some chews are fortified with vitamins and minerals that support overall health.
  • Digestibility: Opt for highly digestible options to avoid digestive issues.

Hip and Joint Care

Certain long-lasting dog chews are specifically formulated to support hip and joint health. Ingredients like glucosamine or chondroitin are often added to these products to help maintain joint flexibility and comfort.

  • Glucosamine: Helps maintain cartilage structure, ensuring smooth joint movement.
  • Chondroitin: Works alongside glucosamine to further support joint health.
  • Suitable options: Look for chews labeled as beneficial for hip and joint care if your dog is prone to arthritis or other joint issues.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Dog Chews

Choosing the right dog chew involves several factors to ensure your dog’s safety, health, and enjoyment. Here's a breakdown of what to consider:

Calorie Content and Chew Hardness

Dogs come in different sizes and activity levels, so their caloric needs vary. High-calorie chews can contribute to weight gain in less active dogs. Look for low-calorie options if this is a concern.

  • Calorie Content: Check the packaging for caloric information.
  • Chew Hardness: Match the hardness of the chew to your dog's chewing strength. Harder chews are suitable for aggressive chewers, while softer options are better for gentle chewers.

Puppy Teething Needs

Puppies have different requirements during their teething phase. Soft chews can soothe their gums and prevent discomfort.

  • Soft Options: Look for chews specifically designed for teething puppies.
  • Natural Ingredients: Opt for natural ingredients to avoid any potential reactions.

Allergy Considerations

Some dogs have food allergies or sensitivities. It's essential to choose chews that do not contain allergens like wheat, corn, or certain proteins.

  • Ingredients List: Always check the ingredients list.
  • Hypoallergenic Options: Consider hypoallergenic chews if your dog has known allergies.


Highly digestible chews minimize the risk of digestive issues. Poorly digestible treats can cause blockages or gastrointestinal distress.

  • Digestibility: Choose chews labeled as easily digestible.
  • Veterinary Advice: Consult your veterinarian if uncertain about a specific chew's digestibility.

Size Appropriateness

The size of the chew should be proportionate to your dog's breed size. Small breeds need smaller chews, while large breeds require bigger ones.

  • Chew Size: Ensure the chew is large enough that it cannot be swallowed whole.
  • Breed Consideration: Tailor your choice based on your dog's breed and chewing habits.

Supervision During Chewing Sessions

Supervising your dog while they enjoy their chew is crucial for safety reasons. This helps prevent choking hazards and ensures they are using the chew correctly.

  • Safety First: Always supervise chewing sessions.
  • Monitor Behavior: Watch for any signs of distress or inappropriate behavior.

Maintaining Hygiene

Proper hygiene practices enhance the longevity and safety of dog chews. Regularly cleaning or replacing them is important to avoid bacterial build-up.

  • Cleaning Tips: Clean chews regularly using appropriate methods.

For example, cleaning deer antlers can prevent health risks.

  • Replacement Schedule: Replace worn-out or excessively dirty chews promptly.

Being mindful of these factors ensures that you select safe and enjoyable long-lasting dog chews tailored to your pup's specific needs. For a variety of healthy options, consider exploring Pet Expertise's collection of healthy and natural dog training treats, which contain only organic or free-range meats while avoiding common allergens like wheat or corn.

Inappropriate Objects for Chewing

Dogs love to chew, but it's important to steer them away from chewing on things like furniture or shoes. These objects can get ruined and also pose a danger to your furry friend.

Why It's Important to Avoid Inappropriate Objects for Chewing

  • Causes Damage: Letting dogs chew on household items can result in costly destruction. Furniture, shoes, and other personal belongings can easily turn into expensive chew toys if not properly managed.
  • Risk of Injury: Many household items are not meant to be chewed on and can be harmful if ingested. Splinters, toxic substances, or small parts that can be swallowed may lead to choking or stomach problems.

Safe Alternatives

Giving your dog appropriate and safe chew toys is a great way to prevent them from going after unsuitable objects. Here are some options:

  • Ruffwear Hydro Plane Disc: This floating soft foam disc dog toy is perfect for water play, providing a fun activity for your dog while safeguarding your valuables at home.
  • Terry Ryan Treat Pouch: A treat pouch can come in handy when using positive reinforcement techniques with your dog. Reward them with treats whenever they choose the appropriate chew toys instead of household items.

You can also explore Pet Expertise's Most Popular Dog Products for more safe chew options and engaging toys.

By offering suitable alternatives and positively reinforcing good behavior, you can help ensure that your dog's chewing habits are both safe and beneficial.

Top 10 Long-Lasting Dog Chews

As a dog owner, it's important to find durable and enjoyable chews to keep your furry friend happy. Here's a list of the top 10 long-lasting dog chews:

  1. Bully Sticks - High-protein, fully digestible, helps clean teeth; ideal for aggressive chewers.
  2. Elk Antlers - Durable, rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorus; perfect for heavy chewers.
  3. Himalayan Yak Chews - Made from yak milk, salt, and lime juice; great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  4. Rawhide Chews - Promotes dental health, made from beef hides; suitable for moderate chewers.
  5. Pig Ears - Natural pork ears, rich in protein; excellent for medium to large breeds.
  6. Beef Tendons - High in collagen, supports joint health; beneficial for older dogs.
  7. Nylon Bones - Made from durable nylon, infused with flavors; best for persistent chewers.
  8. Cow Hooves - Natural hooves cleaned and trimmed; economical option.
  9. Deer Antlers (Big Dog Antler Chews) - Naturally shed antlers, full of nutrients; great for tough chewers.
  10. Sweet Potato Chews (Wholesome Pride) - Single ingredient, rich in fiber; ideal for dogs with allergies.

These chews are chosen for their durability and enjoyment factor to keep your dog entertained and healthy.

Why These Chews Stand Out

Here's why these long-lasting dog chews are a cut above the rest:

Bully Sticks

They are known as one of the best long-lasting dog chews due to their high protein content and digestibility. They help maintain dental health by reducing plaque and tartar.

Elk Antlers

These are incredibly durable and packed with essential minerals. A great choice for heavy chewers who need something tough to gnaw on.

Himalayan Yak Chews

Unique in their composition of yak milk, these chews are lactose-free and offer a hard texture that prolongs chewing time.

Rawhide Chews

While promoting dental health, these should be given under supervision to avoid any choking hazards. They come in various shapes and sizes tailored to your dog's needs.

Pig Ears

A natural chew that is both tasty and beneficial for medium to large breeds. Ensure supervised chewing to prevent potential hazards.

Beef Tendons

Rich in collagen, these chews support joint health making them ideal for senior dogs. They are also highly digestible.

Nylon Bones

Specifically designed for persistent chewers. Infused with flavors that entice dogs while providing a durable chewing experience


Providing long-lasting dog chews is crucial to satisfy dogs' natural urge to chew while keeping them mentally stimulated. These chews not only help in maintaining dental health but also prevent boredom and reduce anxiety-related behaviors.

  • Trying out different long-lasting dog chews from the top 10 list can help you find the perfect match for your dog's needs.
  • While these chews are beneficial, they should complement regular exercise and interactive playtime, not replace them.

For a wide selection of high-quality, long-lasting dog chews that are safe and entertaining, visit Pet Expertise.

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By choosing the best bones for dogs, you ensure they stay happy, healthy, and busy for hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-lasting dog chews are durable treats designed to keep dogs mentally and physically engaged. They can benefit dogs by promoting dental health, providing mental stimulation, reducing anxiety-related behaviors, offering essential nutrients, and supporting hip and joint care.

CIn this article, we explore the top 10 best long-lasting dog chews available in the market to keep your dog busy and entertained. You can find the recommended products on

When choosing dog chews, it's important to consider factors such as calorie content, chew hardness, puppy teething stage, allergies, digestibility, size proportionate to the dog's breed size, supervision during chewing sessions, and maintaining hygiene.

It's crucial to redirect a dog's chewing behavior away from items like furniture or shoes because these items can be destructive and unsafe for them. Providing appropriate chews helps satisfy their natural urge to chew while keeping them mentally stimulated.

We present a curated list of the top 10 best long-lasting dog chews available in the market. For each chew, we include the brand name and key features, and explain why it stands out as a great option to keep dogs busy.

The conclusion emphasizes the importance of providing appropriate chews to satisfy dogs' natural urge to chew while keeping them mentally stimulated. It also encourages trying out the recommended long-lasting chews from the article and reminds us that while beneficial, they should not be a substitute for regular exercise and interactive playtime with dogs.

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