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How To Train A Dog To Stop Alert Barking

Hi, my name is Jess Rollins, and I'mthe founder of Pet Expertise, and I've beena professional dog trainer for over ten years.

I want to talk to you today about alert barking, which is a kind of barking that has to do with something coming into the dog's territory, like the mailman or someone walking by your home.

We usually don't mind a little bit of alert barking because it lets us know what's going on. But some dogs really take it too far and barkat the smallest thing, like a leaf dropping outside. Or maybe there's a lot going on outsideyour home and so you don't need tohave a bark every time someone goes by.

So what I do with alert barking is I first try to cut down on it with some management techniques. I use window films or shades and somewhite noise, like fans or classical music. And then for the rest of the barking, what I like to do is teach areally great recall, and that's coming when called.

And what's awesome about this technique is not only do you getyour dog to stop barking when you want him to, but you have a great recall for use at any other time. So we can't go totally into the recall today, but the way you begin is you start a few feet from your dog, show him your treat, say your word, and then praise him as he comes to you and feed. And then you do that from greater distances and during some distractions, like maybe he's just looking out the window, and you start using your word, you build up until you can do it even when he's barking.

I find this is a really effective and fun way to workwith excess alert barking, and I hope you enjoy it too. Have a great day.

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