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Trainer's Notes on How to Care for Your Dog or Puppy

Diet recommendations:

  • Human Grade foods such as our Urban Wolf
  • Healthy fresh supplements added (about 1/4 of daily ration). This could include fresh meat or cottage cheese or an egg or cooked veggies.
  • Avoid junk food or unhealthy chews.


Grooming and Handling: Make sure your dog is:

  • Comfortable being touched on feet, ears, tail and this is practiced daily.
  • Comfortable with brushing/combing.
  • Brushed frequently enough to prevent matting of the coat and the skin healthy (once per day "“ once per week depending on type of coat).
  • Comfortable with ear cleaning.
  • Ear cleaning or checking once per week.
  • Comfortable with tooth brushing.
  • Tooth brushing once per day.
  • Comfortable with bathing.
  • Bathing about once per month to two months.


Exercise and Play:

  • A variety of dog toys that are rotated often to keep them interesting.
  • At least 30 minutes of exercise with a person per day.
  • At least 10 minutes of training per day.


For proper Socialization, make sure your dog is (do not force this, consult a trainer if your dog is uncomfortable with any of these people):

  • Comfortable with male and female adults.
  • Comfortable with male and female children.
  • Comfortable with people in special circumstances (wheelchair, crutches, etc.).


To prevent possessiveness, test and practice the following:

  • Touching his food bowl, toys or bed (using rewards and only if your dog is comfortable. Consult a trainer if your dog stiffens, growls or snaps when practicing this).
  • Sharing the attention of his best friend


Car rides, make sure your dog is:



  • At least 10 hrs good sleep in an adults bedroom.
  • Visits vet regularly, has recommended vaccinations.
  • Neutered or spayed.
  • Proper weight.
  • Not left outside or crated long hours.
  • Less than 1 housetraining accident per week.
  • No excess vaccinations or parasite treatments.

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