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Dog Park Do's and Don'ts

By Jess Rollins
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Don't: Leave a chain/choke or prong/pinch collar on your dog. He may get it caught on a branch, fence or another dog. The safest option especially for dogs who wrestle is a Break-Away collar.

Do: Expect to get jumped on by dogs. Turn your back and ignore the offending dog if this happens. Give her a pat when she sits.

Don't: Feed or pet dogs while they are jumping up or pestering you.

Do: Keep your dog from jumping on other people. Do this by teaching him to sit for attention using treats or by using a short leash (1-2 feet without a handle) to walk him away from the object of his affection.

Don't: Bring food for yourself that will create crumbs "“ dogs may fight for this "treasure".

Don't: Bring your dog's favorite toys from home. He or another dog may decide they are worth fighting over.

Do: Intervene if your dog is "bullying" another dog or is being bullied. A bully pesters another dog to play and does not take no for an answer. Humping can also be bullying and should be interupted by walking your dog away and having him cool down for a minute or so.

Do: Leave a 1-2 foot leash (without a handle) on your dog that has a tendency to "come on too stong" or be a bit of a bully. Use this leash to remove him from play for a "time-out" when he needs it.

Don't: Force your dog to interact with other dogs.

Do: Leave if your dog is uncomfortable or is being a "brat".

Do: Use the small dog area for small dogs as it is safer for them.

Don't: Bring a dog that you don't know to the dog park.

Don't:: Bring a pup under 4 months of age.

Do: Use extreme caution if bringing small children to the park.

Do: Bring treats to reward your dog for good behavior.

DON'T: Feed treats to other dogs without asking for permission.

Do: Bring Spray Shield Citronella Spray. It is the easiest and safest way to break up dog fights.

Do: Supervise and protect your dog! Dog trainers know of many dogs who were adversely effected by going to the dog park and can no longer have doggy-friends. An ounce of prevention"¦

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