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New Dog or Puppy Shopping List

By Jess Rollins
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  1. Healthy dog food (if it's a puppy, buy puppy food) Avoid corn, wheat and preservatives.
  2. Two dishes, one for food and one for water. Stainless steel is best.
  3. A leash.
  4. A collar (a is best) and harness.
  5. An ID tag with phone number that you will place on your dog's collar.
  6. A couple of chew toys and puzzle toys, a stuffed toy and a ball large to big for your puppy to swallow.
  7. A brush and comb.
  8. A dog crate.
  9. A book on how to raise your pup with positive techniques.
  10. A chew-proof tether.
  11. House training supplies.
  12. A gate or exercise pen if needed.
  13. Healthy treats.
  14. A calming aid.
  15. Optional: Treat & Train Machine- very helpful for teaching your dog to be calm when alone).
  16. A good veterinarian (not found in stores!) Look for one who uses the latest vaccination protocols
  17. Dog-specific cleaner.
  18. Bitter Spray deterrent to prevent chewing on furniture, etc.
Jess Rollins

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Jess Rollins

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  • Very helpful to our little dog marine


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