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Easy Walk Harness Fitting Tips

Most of our customers love their Easy Walk Harness, but sometimes a little effort helps to get the most out of the harness.

If your dog is stepping out of, slipping out of, being chaffed or if the chest strap is loosening it can usually be helped by making sure the harness is fitted properly.

Tips to help get the most out of your Easy Walk Harness:

  • Adjust the harness following the instructions found by clicking here. There's also a fitting video here.
  • The girth strap should be fairly tight, (room for one finger), while the chest strap should fall naturally in the correct position across the chest and does not need to be tight. A common mistake is to tighten the chest strap too much so that it pulls the girth straps into the dog's armpits.
  • Make sure that the chest strap is perpendicular to the belly/back strap and that the chest strap meets the belly/back strap in the middle of the dog's body. The belly/back strap should be fairly straight up and down. The diagram below should help you to get the right fit. If you are getting more of a Y shape, it means you need to loosen the chest strap and tighten the belly strap and/or shoulder strap.
    Easy Walk Harness Fit Diagram
  • Attach your leash to BOTH the chest ring of the harness AND the leash ring of a regular collar. This will help to keep the harness in place and also will prevent escape.
Easy Walk harness guide
  • Don't allow your dog to pull into the harness. When he/she pulls, stop walking or change direction. When she walks beside you feed her a small treat.
  • If these tips don't help, you may either have the wrong size, or one of the few dogs who do not respond to the Easy Walk Harness. You can return your harness and you may want to consider the a head halter for strong dogs who do not respond to the Easy Walk Harness.

If your dog is experiencing chaffing:

  • Remember to use the Easy Walk Harness only for walks, not for hiking or running or on a leash longer than 6 feet.
  • Make sure to allow the area to heal completely before putting the harness on again.
  • Apply the hints in the section above. If that doesn't help, you can try lining the harness with something soft, like our Strap Wraps or you can try using a padded no pull harness, such as the Easy Walk Deluxe, Freedom Harness or Halti Harness.
  • Washing the harness in soapy cold water and then line drying can help to soften it a bit.

We have helped to fit hundreds of these harness, please contact us with your questions! You can email us a picture of your dog wearing the harness if you would like feedback on the fit.

If this article helped you, please consider becoming a customer of ours or sharing it with a friend. Thanks! ~ Jess


  • My lab/boxer mix has been chaffing under her arms and i keep trying to adjust the straps to get the “t” shape.when i get close the chest strap dropps out of place and gets tight on her arm pits.

  • I have a beagle. I have tried the Easy Walk sized to fit him but he continues to slip his leg out. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    PE Response: Hi Tara. I’d be happy to take a look at the fit and adjustment if you want to email us some pictures. But it may be that you have an escape artist. We have found that the Freedom harness and the Webmaster by Ruffwear are the best for preventing Houndini dogs from slipping free. You can find both on our site.

  • same question as above front strap falls

    PE Response: A little droop in the chest strap isn’t necessarily going to cause a loss of function, but obviously you don’t want it so loose that the martingale loop is negated or it interferes with mobility. If you are experiencing either of those issues, feel free to email us at with some photos of the harness on your dog (so we can see the fit) and off (so we can see how it is adjusted). We’ll take a look and see if we can troubleshoot the issue.

  • My dog must have an extra large chest because I cannot secure the chest strap without it going into her pits. To get the recommended look it always falls down on her chest to her legs.

    Ez user

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