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Greening Your Pet Expertise Shopping

Pet Expertise is committed to lowering our impact on the environment. We do this in many ways, by evaluating how we power our office, how we get to work, the products we choose and the way we ship them. We choose products that are durable and high quality and we are especially interested in products made in the USA, recyclable, recycled, biodegradable and naturally produced. For example, we only offer dog food and dog treats that are from free-ranging meat sources and contain no chemicals.

The following are some tips we've put together to help you green your online shopping at Pet Expertise (and elsewhere):

  • Choose businesses that promote green initiatives (like Pet Expertise, of course!)
  • Buy USA made dog products when possible to cut down on resources caused by shipping from overseas.
  • Purchase from an online store closest to you. Pet Expertise's warehouse is centrally located in OH.
  • Choose ground shipping over air when possible.
  • Choose a company that purchase carbon offsets to make their shipping carbon neutral. We do!
  • Choose products that are durable and reusable.
  • Avoid items made from vinyl as it can be toxic and difficult to recycle.
  • Make sure the product is really the one you want. (Please ask us if you have questions!)
  • Buy in bulk and without packaging whenever possible. (Pet Expertise does our best to reduce the amount of packaging used).
  • Stock up on items you know that you know that will use or combine orders with friends and neighbors.
  • Purchase e-books when possible or borrow books from your library.
  • Choose biodegradable poop bags.
  • Consider whether you really need the item? Does a friend have one that you can borrow or share. Let's not forget the reduce in the reduce, reuse recycle!
  • It makes sense to purchase from a local brick and mortar store instead of the internet if you drive less than 5 miles or so to get there (or walk or bike).
  • Click on this link to check out our most environmentally friendly products: Green Dog Products from Pet Expertise

Do you have any further tips to share with us? If so, please post a comment below.

Happy shopping and happy training from Pet Expertise!

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