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Mutt Muffs Dog Hearing Protection FAQ

Can noise really hurt my dog's ears?

Yes-noise can be dangerous.. If it is loud enough and lasts long enough, it can damage your dog's hearing. The damage caused by noise, called sensorineural hearing loss or nerve loss, can be caused by several factors other than noise, but noise-induced hearing loss is different in one important way... it can be reduced or prevented altogether.

Do the Mutt Muffs really make a difference?

They make a big difference! Even if you're not convinced that the noise is harmful to your dog, think of how uncomfortable it must be for your dog. For dog's that are fearful about sounds, the Mutt Muffs can make him much calmer.

Why Can't I Just Stuff His Ears With Cotton?

Ordinary cotton balls or tissue paper wads stuffed into the ear canals are very poor protectors; they reduce noise only by approximately 7 dB. Mutt Muffs reduce noise by approximately 20 dB.

My dog would never wear those.

You'd be surprised. It doesn't take long for most dogs to "compute" cause and effect. For example:

"Pee outside = Good"
"Pee in the house = Bad"

"Chew dog toy = Good"
"Chew Mom's flip-flops = Bad"

"Mutt Muffs = No Noise"
"No Mutt Muffs = Lots of Noise"

Be sure to praise and give your dog yummy treats or a chew while he is wearing his Mutt Muffs and he will come to associate them with good things even faster

When adjusted properly, Mutt Muffs fit securely enough that head shaking isn't enough to get them off. Removal takes paw power.

How do I put them over my dog's (long, short, tall) ears?

Long ears, like beagles, poodles: let the flap of the ear hang below the seal.

Erect ears (unless they're cropped and won't fold) should be folded down to cover the ear opening.

Can I return them?

Yes! That's how confident we are of our product and of your dog's discriminating taste in noise reduction head gear. However, the Mutt Muffs must be returned in good condition. "Mastication mishaps = Bad"

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  • Hi team. I’m interested in getting mutt muffs for my standard poodle. However she is very prone to ear infections. The muffs would be worn at the movie theatre (occasionally), music events (rarely) and on the motorcycle (often).

    I’m concerned that these muffs will aggrevate her ears thru increasing a warm and sweaty environment.

    Appreciate your feedback pls.


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