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Finding the Right Muzzle for Your Dog, Dog Muzzle Comparison Guide

By Jess Rollins
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A muzzle is not a substitute for training your dog! Click for our problem solving page on how to help your dog with fear and aggression issues.

More helpful resources: Muzzle Do's and Don'ts Article & Teaching Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle Article

Dog Muzzle Type

Muzzle Pros

Muzzle Cons

Our Rating*

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Basket Muzzle

Lots of great features!

Added security of a third strap & collar loop.

Flexible and comfortable, yet strong.

Lots of room for panting.

Can easily feed treats through it.

Lots of sizes.

Great price.

It can be a little tricky to fasten the collar until you have done it a few times.


Jafco Muzzle

JAFCO Comfortable Plastic Dog Muzzle

Lots of sizes & options including lightweight & flexible.

Available in clear so you can see your dog's expression.

Large Hole option will allow you to easily feed treats.

Lots of room for panting.

Great for preventing your dog from eating items or wound licking.

Made in the USA.

I can't think of anything not to love!


The products below are not available from Pet Expertise. If you wish to find them, simply do a Google search for them.

Italian Basket Muzzle

Italian Basket MuzzleItalian Basket Muzzle

Readily available.


Allows for some panting.

Many sizes.

Does not allow for as much panting room as I would like.

Usually difficult to feed treats through.


Cage Muzzles / Metal Basket Muzzles

Cage Muzzles / Metal Basket MuzzlesCage Muzzles / Metal Basket Muzzles

Allows for a good amount of panting.

Metal is a unforgiving when it bumps into things. In cold weather the dog's nose or tongue could freeze to the metal.

Could be difficult to feed treats through.


Leather Muzzles

Italian Basket MuzzleLeather Muzzles

Can be attractive and functional if you can find the right one for your dog.

Natural, biodegradable materials.

Leather requires care.


Usually only available for large dogs.

Can't usually feed treats through them.


Proguard Soft Fabric Muzzle

Italian Basket MuzzleProguard Soft Fabric Muzzle

Very lightweight.

Allows panting.

Can't feed treats through it.

It doesn't have as much ventilation as I would like for panting.


Tube Type / Grooming Muzzles

Italian Basket MuzzleTube Type Grooming Muzzles

Inexpensive and readily available.

Easy to fit.

Easy to feed treats through it.

Prevents panting which can lead to overheating and therefore should only be used for a few minutes.

5 (few minutes only).

Strap Muzzle

(couldn't find a picture but these are basically a simple nylon strap that you wrap around the dog's muzzle).

They are easy to put on but otherwise not recommended.

Prevents panting which can lead to overheating and therefore should only be used for a few minutes.

These also don't seem very secure to me.

4 (few minutes only).

Is there a muzzle that you would like us to review? Contact us!

*Rating System: 1-10 with 10 being most effective and easy to use. Items with a rating under 5 are not generally recommended by Pet Expertise.

**Note: if you wish to find out more about any of the products which are not available through Pet Expertise, simply Google the product names.

Of course no device is a substitute for training! Click for our article on how to help your dog with fear and aggression issues.

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