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PoochPads FAQs

  • Q: How do they work?
    A: PoochPads are designed using a reusable fiber technology developed exclusively for PoochPads by Microfine Inc. PoochPads are made of a light-weight, extremely absorbent material that not only can absorb more than 4 times it weight (a large PoochPad absorbs about 48 oz. of fluid), it also holds on to liquids like a magnet and traps it so it can not leak on to floors or other protected areas. PoochPads inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause the odor from urine so your house smells fresh and clean.
  • Q: Which side is up?
    A: The printed sizde is the top. This is the absorbant side. The bottom vinyl layer prevents wetness from soaking through to floors and carpets. The printed side is the top. This is the absorbing side.
  • Q: How do I get a puppy/dog to use it?
    A: Dab a paper towel into one of the dog/puppies pee spots and rub it on the PoochPad. Encourage your puppy to investigate the pad. Praise him for pottying on it. Prevent him from pottying elsewhere by confining him using a crate, gate or tether. Follow the instructions for housetraining here.
  • Q: I work all day and my dog is "home-alone". Even though he is house-broken, will he still use PoochPads?
    A: PoochPads are a "home-alone" dogs best friend. Small to medium sized dogs have small bladders and even though your dog is housebroken, it is very hard for them to "hold it" all day until you get home from work. Place the PoochPad where he has had an accident before or by the door you use to take him outside. Rub a little of his urine on it to make it more "inviting" and praise him for checking it out.
  • Q: Will it work for my older dog?
    A: PoochPads are great for older dogs. We suggest placing PoochPads in several locations in your house so there is always one close by "¦just in case!
  • Q: How many do I need?
    A: Most dog owners have at least 3 PoochPads so they always have a clean one for their pooch. But, it really depends on the individual and how you use your PoochPad. Some of our customers have as many as 12 and some breeders have many more for use with new litters. You'll never run out of uses for your PoochPad.
  • Q: How does it stop odors?
    A: Most odors are caused by bacteria. In urine, there is a bacteria that is normally present called Proteus. When a dog urinates, these bacteria start to multiply and give off ammonia as a by-product. This ammonia is what causes the strong urine smell you might notice in your home if your pooch has an "accident", especially if its warm. PoochPads contain an odor inhibiting fiber that will not wash out, even after 300 washes. This fiber slows the growth of these bacteria so your house stays smelling fresh.
  • Q: Will it harm my washing machine?
    A: Absolutely not! Just wash your PoochPad in warm to hot water with detergent and a small amount of bleach and dry in the perma-press cycle in the dryer.
  • Q: How often do I need to wash it?
    A: I wash my PoochPad after it's used one time. However, PoochPads are so absorbent, they can actually be left on the floor for a couple of days. The water content of urine evaporates so the pad is able to keep absorbing fluid. And, they never smell because of the Microfine technology.
  • Q: What else can I use it for?
    A: PoochPads can be used anywhere you need wetness protection"¦. like floors, furniture, cars, & boats. PoochPads will also fit standard kennels and crates and protects your pet during transport. If your pooch likes to sit on the furniture or bed, put a PoochPad under him to protect against "doggy odor". You can even use your PoochPad under you cat litterbox or for other small animals like ferrets. PoochPads also make a great perch pad for birds. If your older dog tends to "dribble" on his bed, lay your PoochPad directly on top the bed to protect it.
  • Q: What happens if my dog eats it?
    A: To date, we have not had any reports of a pooch eating his PoochPad. However, it is a good idea to prevent this when you can.
  • Q: Will my veterinarian think this is a good idea?
    A: Veterinarians love PoochPads. The Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine uses PoochPads both in small animal surgeries and in recovery to protect the animals. And, numerous veterinarians throughout the United States use PoochPads in their daily practice.
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