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Should You Switch Your Dog to Antler Chews? by Guest Blogger


Antler Chews

By Samantha Randall of Top Dog Tips

The new rage in dog chews is the antler chew! Have you heard about this great alternative to rawhide chews or nylabones? Spending a lot of time researching the products in the pet industry market, I’ve noticed that antler chews are rapidly gaining in popularity for several reasons. Many dog owners and canine professionals are singing their praises.

But, are they actually better for our dogs than traditional chew toys and rawhide treats? There are many reasons that I think antler chews are the better option, and after you hear them I think you’ll agree.

1. Long Lasting

Antler Chews last way longer than most other raw-hide and plastic canine chews. If you have a dog that goes through a good size raw hide in no time flat, it may be to your advantage to try antler chews.

Treat bones are consumed in one sitting after just a few seconds or a few minutes if you have a slow eater. Rawhide chews are designed to last longer, but it still depends on the size of the chew and how often your fur baby chews it. These can last for a few days to a couple of weeks.

Antler chews will last a few weeks to a few months. Again, it will depend on how much your dog uses the chew and how aggressive his chewing is.

2. No Smell

Unlike many rawhide chews, antlers are not smelly or staining. This is a big plus if your dog chews his treats on carpet or furniture. These types of items cannot be easily tossed into the wash, so you definitely don’t want your canine bringing a smelly old toy onto them.

Rawhides are made from cows or horses and come in many flavors. They may not smell too bad when you open the package, but the rawhide will absorb saliva from your four-legged family member and begin to really stink after a while!

Flavored rawhides will also leave staining behind, especially the darker colored ones. Even if it is a plain rawhide, soft, slimy bits can get stuck to furniture and carpet and will require cleaning. Even after a couple of trips through the washing machine, there was still residue on my dog’s bed covering when she would chew a rawhide on it.

3. Multiple Uses

Some pet owners don’t just get antlers for their dog; they get them for other pets, too. There are many diverse types of antler chews, some of which are 100 times stronger and richer in beneficial minerals like calcium and phosphorus than any other treats or chews pet owners can find. Other uses for antler chews include:

  • Bird Perches
  • Bird Chews for Beak Conditioning
  • Rodent Chews
  • Fashioned into Fetch Ropes
  • Decoration

4. Biodegradable and Sustainable

Why contribute more plastic to the landfill? If you are using plastic chews, you are not using 100% natural, biodegradable products. Antlers are made by nature, used by nature and destroyed by nature.

Antler chews can be from deer, moose or elk and will decompose completely.

Think plastic toys are a better option? It takes plastic 500-1000 years to decompose! Think about this if your furry family member has ever lost a plastic chew toy in the park or yard.

5. Expensive? No!

One common thing you will see pet owners discuss as the main disadvantage of antler chews is how expensive they are. However, what many people forget to consider is the longevity of antler chews.

So, the best thing you can do to check how much of a price increase it will be for you is to try them and observe your dog. If they last a lot longer than the chews your dog is currently using, then the price may not really be all that more expensive. In fact, it may even be cheaper. Buying your antler chews in bulk can reduce the price even further.

And you'll want to check out Pet Expertise's antlers because they are much lower priced and higher quality than those found in other stores. Check out this comparison article!

6. Healthier

This is the only category that matters for many dog owners. How healthy are antler chews for dogs? Lots of products tout benefits, but what matters is how they actually stack up to their competitors, plastic and other dog chews.

This is what your dog gets from the most popular chew bones when comparing them side by side:

  • Antlers
    • No artificial colors or preservatives
    • 100% Natural
    • Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus
  • Rawhides
    • Chemically Processed
    • Can be difficult to digest
    • Collagen, Fiber, Protein
  • Artificial / Man-made Bones
    • Made of non-edible plastic, nylon, or rubber
    • No nutritional value
    • Can be harmful if swallowed

I hope you've enjoyed this article on antler dog chews. You might like a similar article by Pet Expertise, owner, Jess Rollins comparing dog chews of different types. Or shop for Antler Chews, here!

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