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Top 4 Reasons Antlers Are Good for Dogs

Pile of deer antlers

Every dog, small or large, young or old, domestic or wild, loves to chew. Fortunately, you can decide what your pup munches on, allowing you to keep your pooch from participating in negative chewing behaviors. A popular choice among dogs and their pet parents is antlers. You may be asking yourself, “Are antlers good for dogs?” The short answer is yes. But as with any treat, you should monitor your pup to ensure it doesn’t chew too forcefully or break off pieces that could potentially become choking hazards.

Top 4 Reasons Antlers Are Good for Dogs Infographic

These delicious, long-lasting dog chews have a lot more to offer than just their mouth-watering taste. Keep reading to discover the surprising health perks your pup can get from regularly enjoying these natural dog chews.

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1. Provide Mental Stimulation

If dogs don’t have an outlet to keep their minds busy, they often misbehave in their owners’ homes. Chewing on any treat lets your pup concentrate on the tasty task at hand (or paw). However, once that treat is gone, your pooch may look for something else to fill its time, such as chomping on your favorite sweater. So why are antlers good for dogs in this scenario? These natural dog chews are the perfect treat because they are long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to worry about what your pooch is getting into next. In fact, if your pup isn’t an aggressive chewer, an antler treat can last anywhere between six months to a year.

2. Aid in Dental Health

Prevention is essential when it comes to dental health, even for dogs. These long-lasting dog chews are your pup’s version of preventing bad breath and cavities. Because your dog goes outside, it may eat things you don’t approve of, which could be loaded with bacteria. Antlers are good for dogs because, as your dog gnaws away happily, these chews remove plaque and tartar buildup. Their hard consistency creates the friction needed to scrape the teeth clean. Best of all, while your pup is gnawing away and getting much-needed dental attention, the bony structure doesn’t cause the weight gain that many other treats do. These natural dog chews keep their great flavor without providing fat and calories.

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3. Contain Many Nutrients

Antlers are good for dogs because they are an all-natural, unprocessed treat that’s readily available, as deer shed their antlers every year! These natural dog chews don’t contain chemicals or artificial ingredients that other treats are often loaded with. As the antlers grow on the deer’s head, they go through a phase where they’re covered in velvet. This soft, hairlike skin provides the proper nutrition to help the antlers grow strong. By the time your dog gets to enjoy some antler treats, these long-lasting dog chews are full of the following nutrients:

  • Calcium – Just like humans, your pup should get adequate calcium daily. Calcium helps keep bones, teeth, and muscles strong. The antler’s bone marrow is rich in calcium, which is one significant reason why antlers are good for dogs.
  • Iron – To keep your pup energized, you need to provide it with iron-rich food and treats. Iron carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Cells use this oxygen to produce energy.
  • Potassium – Potassium is necessary to keep your pup energized and ensure their heart has a regular rhythm. Potassium helps control nerve impulses and muscle contractions.
  • Zinc – Your pup needs zinc to keep its skin and fur healthy. It also aids in proper thyroid function and immunity, ensuring your dog can fight off any nasty bugs that might come its way.

Deer in woods

These health perks illustrate the main reasons why antlers are good for dogs. When shopping for these long-lasting dog chews for your pooch, it’s better to opt for whole antlers instead of their split counterparts. Unlike the split antlers, the whole natural dog chews tend to last longer and are less likely to splinter. Your pup will have to work harder and longer to get to the delicious marrow center, but there’s no doubt Fido will be excited to munch on this tasty treat anytime it gets the chance. Don’t forget, even if your pup has allergies, it can enjoy antlers because they’re a hypoallergenic alternative to other treats.

Always make sure you choose the right sized antler for your pooch. If small pieces break off, throw them away immediately to prevent your dog from eating them. Antlers are good for dogs because, with a little vigilance from you, your pup can reap the multiple health benefits these flavorful chews offer.


4. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Believe it or not, chewing releases endorphins in your pup’s body, allowing it to feel relaxed. Antler chews can help calm your pup during thunderstorms or other things that may cause stress.

These natural dog chews also work wonders when you need some breathing space after a long day at work but your pup wants to play. If you let your pup gnaw on an antler, you’ll get a few minutes to decompress while your pooch mellows out. You can even let your pup sit beside you on the couch to enjoy these long-lasting dog chews. These chews don’t leave stains or odors, which is another reason antlers are good for dogs ⏤ and you! However, you should give your pup the attention and love it deserves once you feel better!

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Why Choose Antlers From Pet Expertise?

Antlers are good for dogs and worth trying because they have natural perks that many other treat options don’t offer. Here at Pet Expertise, we discovered that pets loved these long-lasting dog chews, which led us to be the first to introduce antler chews to the market. We’re a small, family business that aims to please every customer, and we know that these tasty natural dog chews won’t disappoint you or your pooch.

Now that you know antlers are good for dogs, let their wild side come to life by giving them this pup-approved treat. Not only do antlers make your dog happy, but also help it become healthier. If you want to get your dog some antler chews, look no further than Pet Expertise. Shop our natural, whole antlers today to keep your pup entertained.

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