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Treats and Foods for the Treat & Train (AKA Manners Minder)

Round foods that are smaller than the holes in the disk seem to work best. If your dog isn't super interested in kibble, we have found that the powdered nutritional yeast or cheese powder can really amp it up!

Please post in the comments your experience with different foods and treats and I will add them to this table.

Complete Diets Disk Size Comments
California Natural Large Jams occasionally.
Canidae Small Works great. 1 or 2 kibbles at a time.
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Large Jams rarely.
Eukanuba Small Works great. 1 to 3 kibbles at a time.
Eukanuba Small Breed Large Works great.
Eagle Pack Holistic Small Works well.
Field and Farm Holistic Small Works great.
Flint River Ranch - Nuggets - Trout and Potato Large Their kibble is called "nuggets". Other foods are random sized "crunchies" and will not work. MM signals "empty" when 5-7 pieces remain.
Great Life Grain Free Small Works great. 1 or 2 kibbles at a time.
Iams Large Works Great.
Innova Small Works great.
Innova EVO Dog Large Works great.
Merrick Cowboy Cookout Small Works Great.
Natural Balance Duck and Potato Large Jams occasionally.
Nutro Natural Choice Small Bites Small 1 to 3 kibbles at a time.
Nutro Natural Choice Large Works great.
Orijen Large "It does jam sometimes, but not very often.. maybe once every other time I fill it? So every 8 cups or so will jam once or maybe twice? It certainly jams less when I keep the crumbs out!"
Pro Plan Veterinary Diet Dental Health N/A Does not fit.
Prairie: Lamb and Rice Medley Small 1 or 2 kibbles at a time.
Premium Edge Chicken and Rice or Salmon Small Works great.
Science Diet Adult Dog Large Jams frequently.
Science Diet Puppy Small Jams rarely.
Science Diet Nature's Best Large Works great.
Solid Gold Holistique Large 2 to 3 kibbles at a time.
Wellness Duck and Potato Large Dispenses one piece, no jams.
Wellness Super5Mix Large Mixed reviews. Some say it jams some say it works great.

Wysong Maintenance


Works great.

Treats Disk Size Comments
Cat Foods Small Several brands have worked well: Wellness Natural Balance, Innova, Innova Evo; higher protein, but most dogs like it if you are looking for a more treat like food; 1-4 kibble delivered.
Simon & Huey's soft training treats Large Air dry on a cookie sheet overnight before using in the MannersMinder.
Kong Tots Small Works great.
Cheerios Large Several pieces come out at once, but no jamming.
Dried beef hearts Small or Large depending on size of pieces cut Hand cut to size. Very clean, no crumbs, no grease.
Zuke's Mini Naturals Small Works well.
Liver Biscotti Small Bites Large Works well.
Charlie Bears Large Works okay for a while but may jam.

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