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Urban Wolf Dog Food FAQ

Q: Is URBAN WOLF nutritious?

A: Yes, URBAN WOLF has been used & tested on breeding canines for 10 years. This diet is complete, nutritious & is highly digestible for the canine gut.


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Q: Is raw food good for my dog?

A: Raw food (meat) is what a dog (wild or modern) was naturally designed to eat & is what he should be eating. Dogs are NOT human, their digestive tracts are designed by nature to eat and thrive on raw food.

We, as a society, decided for convenience sake (& corporate greed), to market 'kibble' as a diet for our dogs. There was absolutely NO inherently sound reason for this 'invention' - corporate greed is the only reason for it's inception. Don't let deceptive professional marketing from kibble companies & your human dietary instincts confuse you on how you should be feeding your dog. Feed your canine a real canine diet.

If your dog (as most modern canines in the world right now) has been raised on commercial kibble, he will do much better on this raw diet - it's the way his stomach & gastrointestinal tract were designed to eat.

Even after 40+ years of feeding our pets commercial kibble, the physiological make-up of the canine gut is still the same as his wild cousins - from Pomeranian to bulldog to the wolf, they are all the same.

Try URBAN WOLF & you will see how quickly & easily your modern canine adjusts to his true evolutionary diet.

Q: Will my dog go through DETOX when I change from kibble to Urban Wolf?

A: The Answer to this is YES & NO. URBAN WOLF is so high in naturally balanced powerful antioxidants that your dog will NOT suffer from the typical 'DETOX' symptoms (diarrhea, mucousy stool, skin eruptions, poor coat) associated with other Raw Grain-Free diets. Instead, your dog will safely 'DETOX' WITHOUT any suffering or discomfort. This is one of the reasons URBAN WOLF is unique among RAW GRAIN-FREE DIETS & comes Vet recommended.

Q: Is a raw diet recommended by Veterinarians?

A: Absolutely! The holistic veterinary community woke up years ago & finally realized that many of the common ailments of modern canines can be prevented by a well balanced raw diet. You can follow this link for a list of committed veterinarians that promote this healthy diet: HOLISTIC VETERINARIANS

Q: How does URBAN WOLF compare in price & convenience to the prepared frozen raw diet I am using now?

A: URBAN WOLF is extremely cost effective. As a direct comparison to the most popular raw frozen products found on the market today, URBAN WOLF (totally prepared) costs approx. 1/2 the price of the these diets. In fact, fully prepared URBAN WOLF costs less than many of the premium kibbles on the market! You can't get better nutrition at a better price!

For you, the benefits go way beyond cost. You are guaranteed freshness & the quality, our diets all recommend regular ground meat (not lean) so you can be assured you are getting exactly the quality you expect.

This diet is also very easy to prepare: literally, you just mix with meat & serve! You can't get this convenience & freshness from any frozen diet! Your dog won't get this powerful level of nutrition with any other diet.

Q: Is URBAN WOLF good for my large breed puppy?

A: URBAN WOLF PUPPY formula was designed & has been used on puppies for 10 years. It was formulated to allow for slow steady growth in puppies during their first year. This is extremely important in large or giant breeds because if they grow too fast (as they do when fed commercial kibble), they are prone to joint ailments & bloat. URBAN WOLF PUPPY formula has the correct balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus & vitamin D (all naturally sourced in whole foods) to give puppies of ALL breeds the best start in life.

Q: Can my old dog change to URBAN WOLF at this stage in life?

A: Not only can your older dog safely change over to URBAN WOLF, but it is guaranteed to improve health. Because of it's unique formulations, URBAN WOLF is highly digestible - it's exactly the diet older dogs need: it allows them to extract nutrients efficiently & they will thrive. URBAN Wolf is the best diet for older dogs! If he is healthy, you can change him over to the Adult Formula. If he has a sensitive stomach, you can prepare it with lightly cooked meat. This diet is not recommended for dogs with kidney or liver problems.

Q: Is URBAN WOLF suitable for my hard working dog?

A: Yes. URBAN WOLF is highly digestible, full of moisture & can be modified to suit your dog's situation. It's as simple as increasing the oil you add (for example: working sled dogs = 2+ x oil in recipe).

Q: Will raw meat make my dog aggressive?

A: NO. Raw meat will not make your dog aggressive. Aggression is a behavior found in all dogs to varying degrees. If your dog is possessive of his food or aggressive, you should take him to a good dog trainer who will help you with some behavior modification. The URBAN WOLF diet will NOT make your dog aggressive.

Q: Doesn't raw meat contain harmful bacteria?

A: Yes, occasionally meat does contain bacteria that is harmful to HUMANS. Dogs, being a completely different species from us have naturally developed stomachs & digestive tracts that deal with those bacterium (yes, even modern canines!). Unlike us, healthy dogs do not get sick from the salmonella & ecoli that is occasionally present in raw meat. If your dog is not healthy, don't feed him raw meat, instead lightly cook it instead.

Always handle raw meat safely & wash bowls & utensils in hot soapy water. Do not let children handle raw meat.

Q: Does my dog need a multi-vitamin or digestive enzyme supplement when I feed URBAN WOLF?

A: Absolutely not unless it is recommended by your holistic Veterinarian as therapy for a pre-existing condition. URBAN WOLF® is perfectly balanced when prepared according to instructions & if you add any supplemental vitamins, you can throw off the delicate natural balance found in this naturally nutrient-rich dog or puppy food.

Q: Does URBAN WOLF contain a good balance of Omega 3's & 6's?

A: Yes. When you prepare URBAN WOLF ADULT OR PUPPY formula according to our instructions, your dog will have a healthy balance of Omega 3's & 6's. For your convenience we now offer pure Wild Fish Oil Concentrate GelCaps. Easy to add to any of our diets, this is the perfect blend of cold water wild fish, NOT FARMED (farmed fish has high levels of toxins). Our Wild Fish Oil blend is the optimal combination of fish oils.

Q: When do I change my puppy over to URBAN WOLF ADULT formula?

A: Your puppy (toy - giant breed) can safely eat URBAN WOLF PUPPY formula for the first 12 months. After his first birthday, changeover to URBAN WOLF ADULT formula. Change over immediately, no transition time is necessary.

Q: How do I feed my Pregnant & nursing female? A: Start your pregnant bitch on Urban Wolf Adult until she is 4 weeks pregnant, then change over to URBAN WOLF Puppy formula. Feed her 3-4 smaller meals a day as she grows & increase her daily portions until she is eating approx. 25% more per day, don't let her get fat & keep her well exercised.

Q: What's the difference between URBAN WOLF ADULT & URBAN WOLF PUPPY formula?

A: Although URBAN WOLF Adult & Puppy formulas have similar ingredient lists, the needs of a growing puppy or pregnant or nursing bitch are very different than an Adult dog. URBAN WOLF PUPPY formula has been formulated to keep your puppy growing at a steady & healthy rate, it ensures his bones calcify correctly & keeps him sound. The adult Food was formulated with the adult dog in mind.


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