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Using Your Muzzle from Pet Expertise

Baskerville Ultra Basket Muzzle

Fitting the muzzle on your dog

The nose piece should rest just below your dog's eyes
Put the muzzle on your dog and then:

  • Pull the muzzle out and down
  • Pull the muzzle out and up

If it comes off, it is either:

  • Too loose because straps are not tight enough, OR
  • Too big for the dog.

The muzzle should fit comfortably and allow your dog to pant, bark and drink (be sure to provide a deep enough water bowl/bucket). It is normal for your dog to try to remove the muzzle if he is not used to wearing it. Follow the instructions below to help him acclimate to his muzzle.

If the size is incorrect, contact us

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Teaching Your Dog to Enjoy Wearing His/Her Muzzle

Show your dog the muzzle and then feed your dog a treat. Repeat until your dog is excited to see the muzzle appear.

Then put a treat in the muzzle. The "game" is for the dog to reach her nose into the muzzle to get the goodie.
Once your dog is eagerly shoving her nose into the muzzle to get the yummy scrumptious treat, smear some peanut butter inside the muzzle, and while she is licking, fasten the muzzle loosely. Continue to feed treats through a hole in the muzzle (Easy Cheese works well for this)

Practice having her wear the muzzle on for 2-3 minutes and feeding treats and then taking it off and ignoring her for a few minutes. Do this several times per day. Gradually extend the time she wears the muzzle until she is comfortable wearing if for 30 minutes. Only take the muzzle off when she is calm (always!).

If your dog tries to paw or scratch the muzzle off you can redirect her attention and then offer her a treat or if it doesn't look like she is doing any damage or is will get the muzzle off, you can ignore it. Be sure to reward her when she stops and is calm. Usually this goes best if you have taught her to like the muzzle by going slowly and using lots of treats.
To further help your dog make a positive association to the muzzle, put the muzzle on to do things that she enjoys like taking her for a walk!

Muzzle Training Video:

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