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Why Antlers Are the Best Natural Chews for Dogs

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Dogs love chewing on everything from toys to sticks, so it should come as no surprise that they also like chomping down on antlers. For centuries, these natural chews have been a primary treat for wild animals. When antlers are left out in nature, creatures ranging from mice to wolves chew on them, making these tasty treats an instinctive desire for your domesticated pooch. Here at Pet Expertise, we bring the wild to your home with the best antlers for dogs. Our safe, high-quality products will keep your pup preoccupied, which means you won’t have to worry about them chewing on your furniture or favorite shoes. Continue reading to learn just how durable antlers really are, why they make the best natural chews for dogs, how to keep your pup safe after giving it an antler chew, and why our antler chews are a great fit for your furry friend.

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About Antlers

Generally, only male deer grow antlers on their heads, but female deer may also grow them due to hormonal imbalances. Deer use these spiky skull expansions to defend themselves against predators, show dominance, and fight off other deer. Because of their toughness, these antlers make the best treats for dogs. Antlers develop incredibly fast. In fact, a white-tailed deer’s rack can grow nearly ¼ inch in a single day, whereas an elk’s can expand an entire inch. The antlers sprout out of two areas on a deer’s head called pedicles and are initially covered in a special tissue called velvet. This fuzzy-looking skin contains blood vessels that help the antlers grow quickly. When the rack is fully formed, it turns into a durable bony structure, and the velvet comes off. Because deer shed their antlers and grow new ones each year, your dog’s snack supply will never run out; you’ll be able to keep an abundance of the best antlers for your dog on hand year round.

Why Do Antlers Make the Best Natural Chews for Dogs?

Antlers contain calcium, magnesium, and zinc, making them a healthy treat for your dog! Once your pup gets through the hard outer layer, they will find a nutritious and delicious bone marrow treat in the center. Additionally, because antlers are hard, they last a long time and keep your pup’s teeth clean by loosening tartar buildup. Chewing also allows your dog to exercise its jaw muscles while staying mentally stimulated. Unlike other options, the best antlers for dogs don’t smell or leave stains behind, which means Fido can enjoy a treat beside you on the couch. 

Choose from natural whole antlers or a rope chew combination toy. Neither option contains artificial ingredients, so you can breathe easy knowing your dog will be getting the best nature has to offer. Because they are resilient, antlers are less likely to chip than other types of bones. Eventually, dogs will grind them down, but the process is slow and safe.

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe

As with any toy, you should monitor your dog when they are chewing on an antler, especially when you first give them this tasty treat. It’s important to make sure your best bud doesn’t aggressively chew on our antlers for dogs (especially if you have a hyper puppy). If they do, it may cause small pieces to break off, resulting in a choking hazard. Here are some ways you can keep your dog safe:

  • Inspect our best natural chews for dogs before giving them to your pooch. Look for sharp edges or pieces that might chip off and sand them down. Also, wash the antlers with a non-toxic soap and rinse them thoroughly after receiving them from Pet Expertise.
  • Toss out fragments that come off of the antler before your dog has a chance to swallow them. Make sure to throw the antler away when it gets too small so your pup doesn’t choke.
  • Check that your pup is gnawing rather than attempting to break the antler into pieces; otherwise, you may have to take the treat away altogether.
  • Make sure you get the correct size antler chew for your dog. If the entire antler can fit in your dog’s mouth, it’s too small.
  • Examine the antler treat frequently to ensure it’s not getting weak or developing cracks. A well-maintained antler can last anywhere from six months to a year, keeping your best boy or best girl occupied with our antlers for dogs for an extended period of time.

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To ensure your companion stays healthy while enjoying the best natural chews for dogs, we only sell all-natural antlers, which means they don’t contain any artificial products. We stick with grade-A whole antlers that come from U.S. sources. Whole antlers take longer to break down compared to their split counterparts and are much less likely to splinter than processed bones.

No antler is the same from Pet Expertise, meaning your dog will always be discovering different angles to gnaw from. Even though the shape, size, color, and thickness differ from order to order, the dog-approved flavor remains the same with our best antlers for dogs.

Why Shop at Pet Expertise?

Just like you, we are pet people! Our goal is to provide dogs with the best and healthiest products money can buy, which is why we were the first to introduce antler chews, the best natural chews for dogs. We knew what dogs wanted and found a way to provide it to them.

You can heave a sigh of relief knowing that the antlers Pet Expertise sells are gathered humanely. Some of the best antlers for dogs are lost due to the natural shedding process, whereas others come from deer and elk that have been lawfully and ethically hunted. These animals have lived their entire lives in the wild and were not pursued solely for their antlers.

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We not only care about your pets; we also have compassion for the environment. Whenever possible, we use recyclable and biodegradable materials to make our products and utilize minimal amounts of shipping supplies when sending bully sticks, antlers, or GroughNuts to your home.

Many of our products are unique to Pet Expertise, meaning you can’t find them anywhere else! Additionally, they’ve been tested and reviewed by professional dog trainers, which helps us to ensure your pooch is getting the very best. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns about any product and we will be happy to help! If you’re ready to give the best antlers for dogs a try, shop now. Your dog won’t be disappointed!

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