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Pet Expertise Shopping Testimonials

Have ordered stuff for my mom in Germany who is the president of a local agility club over there. She has found your store to be outstanding and is always looking for new toys to train the spoiled brats <grin>. The ordering, processing and delivering was outstanding! - Bjoern

With our new puppy, I ordered many things and your service and follow up is by far the best and to be commended. - Jan

First of all let me tell you how much I LOVE the products at Pet Expertise. The items you carry are not "same old - same old" stuff available at those big box pet stores and since in addition to owning my own pet sitting service I also volunteer with a Golden Retriever rescue group I'm constantly being asked for recommendation for dog items and suggestions for problem solving. I am thrilled to have my Expert Page as a resource. - Kathy

I placed an order with Pet Food Direct the same day I ordered from you. Your order arrived today. I just now got an e-mail from PFD that my order has shipped. I hate waiting. You don't make me wait. - Judi

Everything went smoothly with my order. I have to say I completely appreciate your site. Not only do you offer the widest selection of high quality products, but your prices can't be beat - even considering shipping! Outstanding, honestly! I will always check your site before making a purchase anywhere else from now on. (and I am the mom of 4 dogs!) - Lisa

I got my order and so fast too. I love Pet Expertise, every time I order I am never disappointed. Thanks for keeping me informed of new items with you e-mails. I appreciate your top notch service. - Rose M

Just to let you know I received my order unbelievably quickly as usual. I LOVE your site! The products are innovative and obviously selected for sale by people who really know pets and the shipping charges are so reasonable. I always check your site first when shopping for pet items. Thanks! - K.

Just so you know I was checking into the website (training for dogs in my neighborhood) and noticed your link listed (after I had already placed the order). This is was good to see, because this trainer is very particular about what products are good and which are not, so to see your link there indicates good healthy safe products are offered. - Cheryl

Everything went fine with the order and I received the product faster than I expected. Thanks for the great service. - Cheryl Amyx, DVM

Your service is the best I've ever experienced. I recommend you to everyone. I'll be placing another order very soon. - Pam Neal, Certified Pet Dog Trainer

You're doing one splendid job with your store. I'm so knocked out by how many totally cool things you are carrying! - Debi Davis, service dog trainer

Thanks very much for your assistance! It is way beyond any I have experienced while shopping online for pet supplies and is greatly appreciated! - Julie S.

I have a comment about my recent order with you. It was the best service I have ever had ! I will definitely refer other people and use your company again! Keep up the great service! -Dana

We just love everything we have ordered. Misty (our 6 month old Samoyed) loves the Sam's Yams Veggie Chews and the antler chew will last a long time. She chews it daily. Thanks so much for the great products. - Ann M

You should forget the dog training. Forget the pet supplies business. You should offer corporate training in "company efficiency" - there's your fortune! You'd be the Yoda of "how to run a business." Thanks for the speedy shipment. It should arrive in time for our pilgrimage to Cleveland, Ohio to see Patricia McConnell. -Janet

I have been so very pleased with the Jafco [muzzle] for Walker. I appreciate all you've done and apologize for all the inconvenience I put you through. One thing is for certain, my dogs will need a lot for years to come and I'm glad you're out there with such great stuff! - Ellen S

Although you're located in CA and I'm in GA, my order arrived in record time with the $5 shipping...three days! I purchased the Easy Walk harness. Upon receiving the harness I ensured proper fit on my dog and out we went for a walk. The difference was INCREDIBLE. My lunging, gagging, hopping dog was transformed into a well mannered little angel. Excellent product, great company. Thank you! - Raychel

Wow! I can't believe how quickly my order arrived. I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and it arrived in three business days. - Dawn H

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your great customer service. In a society when most people/businesses are too busy to care, you have really raised the bar. THANK YOU! -Claire K

Everything went smoothly for our order (unless you count one of our pups deciding to steal one of the bags of liver treats and share it with the others ;-).We (my husband, all our 3 dogs and I) love your products! We plan to place another order in the near future. Thanks for the excellent quality and service! - Katie

Love your web site and your products! By the selection of products you offer, I can tell you are an experienced dog trainer. In fact, I recognized many of the products you offers those used by the trainer I take my dogs to--an APDT certified trainer. I mentioned your site to her and she admitted to stocking products acquired from you. Thanks again for offering affordable, quality dog training equipment and dog toys online! - Christie, Scout and Cayenne (we love the kevlar frisbee Mom, but the drag lines are a real bummer)

Everything is PERFECT just as always (I think it's my 3rd or 4th order from you in about 2 months -- and I expect there will be many, many more! Thanks for your patience and your speed in getting back to me! - Linda

I was very impressed by the ease of using the website to "shop" and place the order, as well as the timeliness and good condition in which the order arrived. Most of all, the customer service was excellent. I've done a lot of internet shopping for dog merchandise, from tiny treats to big agility equipment, and your customer service stands out. I have even recommended your site to several people, both clients and colleagues. - Barbara, professional dog trainer