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NEO All-In-Wonder Dog Harness

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The NEO All-In-Wonder Dog Harness is an award-winning dog harness and leash set (with a built-in leash) and the market’s lightest, most responsive front-leading dog harness. The NEO All-In-Wonder Dog Harness doesn’t weigh your dog down with metal rings or sliders, and faces the front. This leaves no room for unnecessary pulling, chafing, or choking.

  • Promotes More Control: Lead your dog from the front to have more control over where your dog goes.
  • Prevents Choking and Chaffing: No more choking with this dog harness that fastens around your dog’s body. All finished ends face away from your doggie to prevent any chaffing.
  • Allows Easy-Wear: No more figuring out dog harnesses with elaborate instructions! Put this easy-on dog harness over your dog’s head and just ‘click’ it securely in place!
  • Discourages Pulling: Walk your dog without any problems with tugging and pulling with the front-facing attachment.
  • Free of Metal Components: With no metal parts, you can stay stress-free about corrosion as your pup plays in the water or salty snow streets.
  • Reflective Material for Nighttime Safety: This fantastic dog harness’ 3M reflective material ensures you and your doggo always stay safe on your night walks together.
  • High-Quality Nylon Material: Extremely durable, water-resistant, easy-to-clean, low-stretch, and strengthened nylon material that will last you for years.
  • Supports Local American Workers: Manufactured locally, this dog harness supports local American labor and material from the USA.

Buy the NEO All-In-Wonder Dog Harness today for great walks with your pup every day!

Sizing: Choose a size that matches your dog’s weight best.

6-11 lbs | 3-5 kg
9-18 lbs | 4-8 kg
12-28 lbs | 5-12.5 kg
18-35 lbs | 8-16 kg
25-65 lbs | 11-29 kg
55-120 lbs | 25-54 kg