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Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest

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The new design protects your pup from the sun and keeps it cool during daily adventures!

The Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest features a water-activated system to keep your dog cool and comfortable during daily adventures. It provides evaporative cooling on the front and a shading panel for the back, so your furry baby can beat the heat any day.

The Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest is perfect for the following conditions:
Hot/dry weather

  • Low-intensity activities
  • High-intensity adventures

Available in three colors, this cooling vest is the perfect staple for your dog’s summer ensembles.


  • Zippered Closure: The form-fitting vest comes with a zip to ensure an optimal cooling effect for your dog during fast and light athletic endeavors.
  • Three-Layer Construction: The inner mesh lining keeps your dog dry and comfortable. The middle layer has an absorbent material that stores water for evaporative cooling, whereas the wicking outer layer is heat-reflective and sun-protecting.
  • Oversized Armholes: Say goodbye to cooling vests that restrict your dog’s movements and take the fun out of its daily adventures! The Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest’s oversized armholes ensure a full range of motion with comfort.
  • Lightweight: The UPF 50+ spandex over the back feels easy on your dog’s body, letting it enjoy the low and high-intensity adventures to the fullest.
  • World-Class Material: The new design of this fantastic cooler vest comes with material upgrades to store more water and hold a longer charge.
  • Sleek Design: Available in different patterns with sturdy construction, the Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest promises the perfect fit for enhanced performance!


  • Upper back panel: Nylon-spandex blend
  • Cooling chest panel:
    - Inner lining: Dry-weave polyester mesh
    - Middle layer: Non-woven polyester
    - Outer layer: Polyester air mesh
  • Zipper: YKK Vision
  • Body: Stretch wicking fabric


  • Wash in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • Follow a gentle washing cycle.
  • Hang to air dry.
  • Don’t iron, dry clean, or bleach.



Dog Harness Measurement

Size Fits Girth (G) Back Length
of Coat
Neck Opening
of Coat
XXS 13" - 17" 13'' 13.75"
XS 17" - 22" 18" 15"
S 22" - 27" 22.5" 19.25"
M 27" - 32" 26" 21.5"
L 32" - 36" 27.5" 24"
XL 36" - 42" 36" 26.5"