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Sportso Doggo Dog Harness

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Winner of the International Pet Product News’ “Product of the Year,” the Sportso Doggo Dog Harness is
satin-soft and strengthened for your ease and your dog’s comfort. It is a bright-colored, reflective, and
front-leading dog harness that does not have any heavy hardware weighing it down. It’s perfect for
active doggos that love the great outdoors!

  • Prevents Pulling: The front-facing attachment means no more pulling as it doesn’t trigger your dog’s natural pulling instinct.
  • Offers Added Control: Effortlessly steer your dog without any pulling with this easy-control front-leading dog harness.
  • No Choke Dog Harness: With the harness around your pup’s body and not their throat, there lies no risk of accidental choking.
  • Avoids Chafing: With smartly engineered webbing that ensures all finished ends face away, your dog’s skin will keep safe from any chaffing or rubbing.
  • Premium Nylon Material: Doubly reinforced pull-points, low stretch quotient, high durability, vivid colors, and satin-soft finish mean the nylon webbing’s quality is utterly superior.
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Ring: A tough nickel-plated steel ring ensures easy leash securing and durable use with reinforced metal strength.
  • Comfortable and Easy-to-Wear: With no heavy sliders or sharply sewn edges, you can rest easy that your dog is comfortable while wearing the Sportso Doggo Dog Harness. The harness fastens easily by putting it over your dog’s head and just clicking it close.

Choose this durable and comfortable no choke dog harness for easy everyday walks.

Sizing: Select a size that matches your dog’s weight best.

6-11 lbs | 3-5 kg
9-18 lbs | 4-8 kg
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25-65 lbs | 11-29 kg
55-120 lbs | 25-54 kg