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Which of Our Dog Muzzles is Best for Your Dog?

Our owner and dog trainer Jess Rollins compares and contrasts our dog muzzles below to help you select the best option for you and your pooch whether you need the muzzle to prevent chewing, eating or licking, or you need the muzzle to prevent biting.

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Muzzle Brand

Key Features

JAFCO Dog Muzzle

JAFCO Muzzle with German Shepherd

Prevent biting as well as licking wounds or eating inappropriate items: The JAFCO dog muzzle has smaller air holes which make it great for preventing your dog from eating or licking while still allowing your dog to pant to stay cool. Smaller holes also make it less likely that fingers could get bitten or that your dog could eat or lick items.

New treat hole version is available!

The plastic versions are the most lightweight muzzle available.

Three different are versions available including white, black and clear flexible. Some versions offer an extra strap that goes between the eyes for increased security. Aallows you to view your dog's expression which can be helpful for working with behavior modification.

Benefits of clear version is flexible which makes it more comfortable for your dog as well as more comfortable for anything your dog happens to bump into!

Felt padding is included on all styles and sizes.

Lots of sizes are available including some designed for wider faced dogs such as Rottweilers, boxers and pitbulls.

Time tested! Used successfully for years with police dog training and sold to many happy Pet Expertise customers.

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Basket Muzzle

Great for preventing biting and easy to feed treats through: The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle has wide openings which allow you to easily feed treats which make it perfect for training dogs with aggression issues.

Has the most airflow of our muzzles.

Created with soft yet strong rubber with padding to ensure comfort for your dog.

A very secure muzzle: All sizes include a removable strap that goes between the eyes for added security plus a loop that you can thread through your dog's collar.

Sizes to fit dogs from 6 lbs to 150 lbs.

Designed by Veterinarian, Roger Mugford.

The one downside we can see about this muzzle is that it is a little tricky to put the buckle through the nylon the first couple of times.

Low price!

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