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More Info About Training Your Dog with the Treat & Train (AKA Manners Minder)

Are you frustrated with your dog's unruly behavior? Does your dog bark excessively, jump up and crowd the door when visitors come? Now you can get your dog to behave appropriately, not with punishment but with positive reinforcement by rewarding good behaviors. It's easy and fun with the Treat & Train (Manners Minder), Premier Pet Product's remote-controlled treat dispensing system. The Treat & Train when combined with a clinically proven training protocol and short, fun training games will have your dog behaving beautifully in just a few short weeks.

Reward instantly:

Two keys to success in training are clarity and timing. It must be clear to the dog exactly which of his behaviors earns his reward. And clarity comes from timing, the speed with which the treat follows the desired behavior.

The secret behind the Treat & Train system is the wireless remote control. It sounds an audible tone that signals to the dog that a treat has been dispensed into the tray for him to eat. Because of this push-button remote, there's no fumbling for a treat from your pocket; no reaching toward the dog; no need to approach or distract the dog; and essentially no delay at all between your dog doing exactly the desired behavior and the dispensing of the reward. This minimizes any confusion by your actions, and it works great. You will also be able to reward your dog from a distance or even when you are out of sight!

Scientific approach is fun:

Our exclusive Treat & Train Professional Dog Training System is the product of collaboration between Premier Pet Products, Sharper Image Design and Sophia Yin, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, applied animal behaviorist, lecturer at UC Davis and the award-winning pet columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle.

The included training manual and DVD have all you need to be successful using the Treat & Train, with five "games" that can be played at convenient, low-stress times (such as during TV commercials) to progressively teach your dog to be very well behaved: (1) Tone Means a Treat Is Coming; (2) Target with the Nose; (3) Lie Down and Stay; (4) Run to a Rug and Lie Down on Cue; and (5) Lie Down and Stay with Distractions. Anyone can do this! It's easy, fun and amazingly effective in a surprisingly short period of time; each "game" takes about five days to complete.

How it works:

The Treat & Train Machine is designed to hold and dispense your dog's regular food, healthy, dry kibble. It replaces his old bowl and becomes part of a program to make food a real treat and a fun reward for good behavior. Kibble can be dispensed by remote control (which sounds an audible tone) or automatically in programmed intervals (e.g., later in the program when your dog's desired behavior is to stay quietly in one place). You'll learn to use Treat & Train's "tone and treat" techniques along with visual cues and verbal cues so your dog will clearly understand the good behavior you want.

Your Treat & Train purchase includes a hand-held target wand for your dog (with a snap-on base for hands-free use); two dispenser disks for different sized kibble; a complete indoor training system with an illustrated training manual and a lively DVD. The Treat & Train rugged, dog-proof housing measures 13.5" x 7" x 8"; it weighs 3.5 lbs. and is remarkably stable. It will run for about four months on 4 D batteries. The remote control runs on an included 23A-12V battery.

Your dog will probably love the Treat & Train. Maybe too much.. A caution.

You should never leave your Treat & Train machine with dogs that might guard the machine. If you do notice your dog guarding the machine, use the machine only with one dog at a time.

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